Why video-enable access control? Lessons from a Solution Partner

Monday, 21 March 2016

Author: Kimberly Sallingboe

Solution Certification

In January 2014, we announced that we had certified the ISONAS – Milestone Access Control Module (IM-ACX) Integration. At this year’s MIPS, ISONAS was proud to announce that they are the first of our access control company to complete a full integration with XProtect® 2016. On the heels of this announcement, we asked ISONAS to talk about how they make the case for video-enabled access control.

About the integration

The IM-ACX Integration offers network-based, “Pure IP” to the door technology. Customers can wave goodbye to cumbersome control panels at each and every access point, complex wiring and costly power supplies, instead using their existing network to, as ISONAS puts it, “bring intelligent decision making to the door”. The integration offers customers the following advantages:

    • Single user interface for both video and access control
    • The ability to use the same topology as their IP-enabled cameras
    • Real-time monitoring with video verification
    • Rapid incident response, such as total lockdown in the event of a security breach

Why use XProtect Access?

When asked why they chose to develop an integration using XProtect Access, Rob Lydic, Global Vice President of Sales, had the following comment: “In access control, there has been a constant struggle with video manufacturers on who should “own” the front end interface and therefore the customer’s mindset of what system they use.”

“At ISONAS we realized a long time ago that our end users preferred to interact with their video systems and only when they needed to make changes to users or rules did they truly interact with the access control system. With that in mind, we wanted to leverage the power of the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client and make it even more user friendly by placing nearly all of the access control functionality within the video client. We have found that the customers that have deployed ISONAS with the XProtect® Access product have truly found what they were looking for in a unified security system.”

XProtect Access 2016 an even more attractive option

Choosing to embed the access control functions in the XProtect Smart Client interface enables users to monitor and open doors, interact with map interfaces, search access control data and, with XProtect® 2016, even manage individual cardholder credentials. This level of functionality is unrivalled in the market space.

Who might benefit from this integration?

Access control integrations are relevant for a variety of industries, including the education, transportation and commercial verticals. ISONAS has had a great deal of success in the retail segment as well. “These customers love how easy it is to install our system, love saving up to 40% off the cost of access control and are invigorated to leverage their existing IT networks.”

Find out if your customers will love it as well.

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