Growing the family: The 5000th camera joins Milestone

Monday, 29 February 2016

Author: Toyah Hunting

Corporate News

Ten years ago, 257 cameras could to latch onto the Milestone open platform and be supported by our VMS. Thousands of cameras have followed, and this February sees the addition of camera number 5000 to the Milestone tribe: The Bosch AVIOTEC Fire & Smoke Detection Camera.

Its built-in intelligent video-based fire detection can complement state-of-the-art fire detection technologies and enable early detection of smoke and flames with very low false alarm rates – especially in challenging environments where conventional detectors can be slow to react. It can secure environments where no other reliable fire detection solutions exist, identifying smoke and flames as soon as they come into the range of the camera: As opposed to having to wait for smoke to migrate to smoke detectors that are often installed on the ceilings of a building. Thanks to the low bandwidth requirements, it can relay alarms to an existing fire alarm panel or transmit them via Ethernet to a monitoring center or to a mobile device like an iPad.

Receiving HD-quality video images in real time gives firefighters a good understanding of the current situation even before they arrive on the scene. Connecting the camera to a video management system offers the possibility to find out the cause of fires. Based on video recordings, incidents can carefully be established and evaluated, helping to eliminate and prevent hazardous situations in the future.

Milestone has cooperated with Bosch Security Systems since the early days of IP cameras, in both the Camera Partner Program (CaPP) and as a Milestone Solution Partner (MSP).

“Both of our companies believe in the power of collaboration to bring value through interoperable solutions to our customers,”

Kenneth Hune Petersen, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Milestone Systems.

5000 cameras supported by Milestone is, well, quite a milestone: They create an almost infinite array of camera connections and additions from which partner and end customers can cherry pick according to their needs. 

“Congratulations to Milestone for integrating device number 5000 – we are glad that Bosch AVIOTEC made it to join the wide range of joint Milestone integrated solutions for demanding, dynamic safety and security,”

Bernhard Schuster, Executive Vice President, Bosch Security Systems.