Meeting the needs of an evolving market

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Author: Kimberly Sallingboe

Company News

We’ve listened to you

In response to feedback from the Milestone partner community, we’ve significantly enhanced our XProtect software to make more frequent product releases possible. As we announced earlier this year, we will now have a four-month product release cycle.

The multiple yearly release schedule will ensure that we can respond rapidly to market demands by significantly reducing the time-to-market for new features and enhancements to existing product capabilities. It also creates a more efficient process that enables us to address emerging market trends with innovative solutions.

Agile development allows for more partner input

In conjunction with our tri-annual release cycle, we are taking steps to incorporate even more input from our partners in our development cycle. For example, we’ve created a new beta-lab testing program for Milestone Solution Partners (MSPs) that gives developers a first look at new features in the VMS product suite and the possibility to engage directly with the Milestone development teams. This program is the true definition of a win-win, as it helps MSP partners ensure their integrations are compatible with the newest versions of our software, and it gives us valuable feedback that can help us improve our products.

The recent changes to our Channel Partner Program also include the creation of a Partner Advisory Board, where long-term Milestone partners are invited to give input to and influence our product direction and work together with the Milestone product management team to define our product roadmap.

All of this input ensures that our products continue to meet your business needs. And the rapid development and deployment cycle ensure that new features are more readily available to help you close deals and win more business. The result is a more competitive product and more business opportunities for you, our partners.

“We are really excited to put even more focus on our open platform development partners, as we transition our product development to a partner and market-driven process,” says Bjørn Eilertsen, Vice President of Corporate Products at Milestone Systems.

Help your customers take advantage of the newest features

With new releases coming three times a year, your customers will get even more value out of Milestone Care Plus, which grants them free and immediate access to all product updates.