Milestone VMS Helps Texas School District Keep Students Safe

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Author: Kimberly Sallingboe

Security is top-of-mind for the Mission Consolidated School District, a school district stretching 41 square miles along the Texas-Mexico border. The district has almost 16,000 students divided across 24 schools. As the district’s security management coordinator, Rene Flores, puts it, “We’re always thinking of things we can do to help provide a safe environment.” This constant concern for the safety of teachers, students and parents alike was one of the driving factors that prompted the school district to look for a digital video surveillance system.

The district initiated a pilot project in 2011 where they implemented IP cameras in a new wing of a high school, which they controlled from a central monitoring station using XProtect® Corporate. After a successful pilot, the district has now expanded their surveillance system to include over 600 IP cameras and 260 analog cameras, with encoders to convert analog video to digital. The system has a dedicated server at each campus, with multiple servers in a few locations. The district uses Milestone Federated ArchitectureTM to view and manage the widely distributed cameras and servers at one central location.

Open Platform offers flexibility and scalability

The district looked at a number of different VMS solutions, but each of these required the purchase of all the products as one package deal. The Milestone open platform offered much more flexibility and choice. “With Milestone, you’re not tied to one vendor,” Flores says. “We can choose different cameras for different campuses. This is great for us because each campus provides its own unique set of security challenges, and we need to have a system that’s adaptable.”

Another important criteria for Mission CISD was to have a system that could accommodate an expanding school district. “We’re building a new college learning center for the incoming school year, and we’re remodeling an old high school and adding on to several other facilities,” reports Flores. “These will all require new cameras and I want to make sure that we get it right from the beginning. Using Milestone ensures that we have the infrastructure and software necessary to grow in a way that makes the most sense for our district.”

Recent incidents in the US, Sweden and other countries have highlighted the critical role of surveillance in safeguarding educational institutions. Having an IP-based security system with Milestone at its core means peace of mind for Rene Flores and his team. “With our new cameras and the Milestone system, you can’t just sneak into a side or back door anymore. We can keep track of everyone and have a visual log of who goes in and out.”

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