Milestone Certified SSD Solution for Surveillance Systems

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Author: Anee Jayaraj

Solution Certification

Over the years, with more and more surveillance installations being built on IP rather than analog systems, the industry has also seen a rise in the need for newer and improved storage solutions. Imation is a global storage solution provider who recognized this need. Imation’s Nexsan E-Series V SAN products are designed to stay ahead of the enormous data growth and high-demand workloads.

The Nexsan E-Series V devices were recently tested with the Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS) and the XProtect Recording Server, where the devices were expected to support around 30 cameras per recording server. The calculator indicated that the devices were able to support up to 150 cameras. Thus, the storage devices exceeded the benchmark levels that we tested it against.

Some of the benefits for resellers and integrators using this solution are:

-   With the Nexsan E-Series V and Milestone XProtect VMS integration, resellers and integrators can confidently build a system that is robust and performs well in large installations that run multiple servers and alternate disk configurations.

-   The storage devices are economic, durable and use less CPU power. But the combination with the Milestone software results in a sustainable and powerful integration that can be an ideal part of the end user’s long term security strategy.

-    The availability of multiple redundancy methods increases the reliability factor, especially for mission critical applications.

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What is a certification?

Milestone Solution Partners can submit their solutions, for certification, if the software integrations or IT infrastructure components are compatible with Milestone XProtect® video management software.

The Milestone Solution Certification for IT infrastructure components tests and evaluates third-party IT framework units that are compatible with XProtect VMS. The certification verifies that the server, storage and network components meet the performance benchmark required to support Milestone VMS, and measures the maximum performance available to customers.