Book Recommendations From the Security Industry

Laura Stepanek, the Editor of SDM Magazine, shares her favorite books written by professionals from security industry

Lately I’ve been exposed to several books, which have been published over the past year or so, about some unique aspect of security — I wanted to share them with you. Admittedly, I’m in various stages of reading each of them, although you won’t find any spoiler alerts here. Just some summaries and observations, should you decide the topics interest you.

Business Magnetism, by Lars Thinggaard, president and CEO of Milestone Systems, is about the author’s journey at Milestone from its inception through its acquisition by Canon in mid-2014. In a sometimes humorous, oft-times serious tone, Thinggaard discusses business philosophies (Scandinavian versus American management styles, for example) in a deeply intellectual manner. He touches on topics of leadership, timing, technology evolution, and much more — and his writing style is engaging. From Chapter 1: “A workshop. Two Danish engineers. A coffee machine. They’re beavering away on ideas for products that will change our approach to conventional physical security and surveillance systems. Pioneering a new way for users to interface with their building controls. ... These two Danish engineers work for Milestone Systems. The year is 2012. The location is Silicon Valley, the beating heart of the world’s technology industry.”

You can watch Thinggaard discuss his book at


Check Laura Stepanek's full list of book recommendations.

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