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Vi Dimensions was founded in 2015 with the simple idea that video analytics can be done in a much better and efficient way with the ultimate goal to revolutionize safe city surveillance harnessing thousands of cameras.

Vi Dimensions flagship product Abnormality Recognition Video Analytic System (ARVAS) differentiates from other conventional video analytics software in that it employs a self-learning algorithm which does not require the surveillance operator to pre-define any rules for real-time detection. The system uses GPU for massive hardware scalability, allowing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to be effectively deployed for auto-detecting abnormal events in real-time. The use of Deep Neural Networks also allows the human operator to provide feedback to the system in order to manage and prioritize the alarms.
Accreditations and awards
3 accreditation(s) and award(s)

Merlion Awards - Gold (Surveillance Category)

The Merlion Awards serve to honour outstanding new designs and products in the field of security.

NVIDIA Metropolis Software Partner

NVIDIA Metropolis™ is bringing advanced AI to cities around the world and Vi Dimensions is proud to be selected for using its Abnormality Detection technology to support this initiative.


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