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Get the newest Device Pack

日曜日, 13 8月 2017

著者: Toyah Hunting

Product News

We have just released Device Pack 9.2 for partners and customers using Milestone XProtect video solutions.

The bi-monthly device packs contain software updates supporting new hardware. This year, Milestone reached an industry first of 6,000 supported devices, with new devices constantly being added to each device pack release. These updates are always a priority at Milestone: supporting the widest range of devices possible is a crucial part of the company’s open platform promise to the Milestone Community.

Support for super detailed video
Support for the Axis Q1659 20 Megapixel network camera enables the Milestone community to deliver solutions where high resolution and picture quality are needed. It could be long distance license plate recognition, reading information on freight containers or more advanced analytics. The camera has the same size sensor as professional movie cameras and uses Canons DSLR optics, which enable the camera to deliver super detailed Hollywood-quality video.

Extended support for body worn cameras    
Deeper integration for Digital Barriers EdgeVis servers has been added in this device pack. The new level of integration enables the Milestone community to design unified XProtect solutions with body worn cameras in low bandwidth scenarios.

Other highlights of the Device Pack
Multi-streaming and Multicasting have been added to the universal ONVIF driver to serve requests from the Milestone community and to better support older devices.

A number of new cameras from Dahua have been added, including new thermal cameras. In addition, Dahua NVRs can now be integrated as encoders, which means that the video feed from the cameras can be accessed in XProtect.

Milestone dedicated to high quality ONVIF Support
Milestone works closely with device manufacturers in the Camera Partner Program (CaPP) to achieve optimal interaction between their devices and XProtect VMS. The same rigorous testing applies to driver standards like ONVIF.

Before ONVIF-supported devices are listed in the supported hardware list on milestonesys.com, they have been tested to ensure 100% functionality with the XProtect open platform technology. This enables the Milestone community to pick the best devices for their customers, from the market’s broadest selection. They can be assured of the functionality of any supported device.

Download XProtect Device Pack 9.2 here 


New firmware support for various devices for the following partners

  • 2N
  • Arecont Vision
  • Axis
  • Hikvision
  • Sony
  • Uniview
  • Vivotek​​​​

New feature support

Additional support has been added for specific features on the following devices:

•    Added new recognition name method for Mobotix devices.
•    Added support for Events for Digital Barriers.
•    Added support for Multi-streaming on 1-channel Universal driver.
•    Added support for Multicast on Universal driver.
•    Added support for Edge storage over HTTPS for Vivotek using ONVIF.
•    Added support for renamed Hanwha Techwin devices.
•    Added support for the new Axis camera with Canon lenses
•    Fixed an issue with timeout for Edge storage file retrieval for Sony.



New device support






VB-M741LE-H, VB-H751LE-H & VB-H761LVE-H


DH-IPC-PFW8601-A180, DHI-NVR4104-4KS2, DHI-NVR4104HS-4KS2, DHI-NVR4104HSP-4KS2, DHI-NVR4104-P-4KS2, DHI-NVR4108-4KS, DHI-NVR4108-8P-4KS2, DHI-NVR4108HS-4KS2, DHI-NVR4108HS8P-4KS2, DHI-NVR4108HSP-4KS2, DHI-NVR4108-P-4KS2, DHI-NVR4116-4KS2, DHI-NVR4116-8P-4KS2, DHI-NVR4116HS-4KS2, DHI-NVR4116HS8P-4KS2, DHI-NVR4208-4KS2, DHI-NVR4216-4KS2, DHI-NVR4204-P-4KS2, DHI-NVR4208-8P-4KS2, DHI-NVR4216-16P-4KS2, DHI-NVR4416-4KS2, DHI-NVR4416-16P-4KS2, DHI-NVR4816-4KS2, DHI-NVR4816-16P-4KS2, DHI-NVR5208-4KS2, DHI-NVR5216-4KS2, DHI-NVR5208-8P-4KS2, DHI-NVR5216-8P-4KS2, DHI-NVR5216-16P-4KS2, DHI-NVR5416-4KS2, DHI-NVR5416-16P-4KS2, DHI-NVR5816-4KS2, DHI-NVR5816-16P-4KS2, DHI-XVR7116H, DHI-XVR7216AN, DHI-XVR7116HE, DHI-XVR7216A, DH-IPC-EBW81230, DH-IPC-EBW8630, DH-IPC-EBW8630-IVC, DH-IPC-PFW8800-A180, DH-IPC-PFW8802-A180, DH-IPC-PDBW8800-A180, DH-IPC-PDBW8802-A180, DH-TPC-BF8620, DH-TPC-BF8620-T, DH-TPC-BF8320-T, DH-TPC-BF820, DH-TPC-PT8620B, DH-TPC-PT8320B, DH-TPC-PT8620C, DH-TPC-PT8320C, DH-TPC-PT8620M, DH-TPC-PT8620M-T, DH-TPC-PT8320M, DH-TPC-PT8320M-T, DHI-XVR8808S, DHI-XVR8816S, DH-IPC-HFW4631E-S, DH-IPC-HDBW4631E-Z, DH-IPC-HDW4631EM-AS, DH-IPC-HDB4431G-AS, DH-IPC-HDB4231G-AS, DH-IPC-HFW4830E-S, DH-IPC-HDBW4830E-AS, DH-IPC-HDW4830EM-AS, DH-IPC-HDBW5830R-Z, DH-IPC-HDBW5830E-Z5, DH-IPC-HDW5830R-Z, DHI-HCVR7104H-4M, DHI-HCVR7108H-4M, DHI-HCVR7204AN-4M, DHI-HCVR7208AN-4M, DHI-HCVR7116H-4M, DHI-HCVR7216AN-4M, DHI-XVR7816 & DHI-XVR7416

FLIR Systems

PT-644 HD, PT-625 HD, PT-617 HD, PT-612 HD, PT-608 HD, PT-606Z HD & CC-3103-01-I

Hanwha Techwin

ENO-H3030R, IHO-0309R, HSB-0309R, KSC-TB35R, HLO-3001R, DIC-TO309R, END-H3025R, IHD-0309R, HSD-0309R, KSC-TD35R, HLD-3002R, DIC-TD309R, ENB-H3000, IHB-0300, HSH-0300, KSC-TG30, HLB-3003, DIC-TB300, PNM-9080VQ & PNM-9081VQ


DS-2CD6986F-(H), DS-2CD2025FWD-I, DS-2CD2035FWD-I, DS-2CD2055FWD-I, DS-2CD2085FWD-I, DS-2CD2125FWD-I, DS-2CD2125FWD-IW, DS-2CD2125FWD-IS, DS-2CD2125FWD-IWS, DS-2CD2135FWD-I, DS-2CD2135FWD-IW, DS-2CD2135FWD-IS, DS-2CD2135FWD-IWS, DS-2CD2185FWD-I, DS-2CD2185FWD-IW, DS-2CD2185FWD-IS, DS-2CD2185FWD-IWS, DS-2CD2325FWD-I, DS-2CD2335FWD-I, DS-2CD2355FWD-I, DS-2CD2385FWD-I, DS-2CD2935FWD-IS, DS-2CD2955FWD-IS, DS-2CD2T25FWD-I3/I5/I8, DS-2CD2T35FWD-I3/I5/I8, DS-2CD2T55FWD-I3/I5/I8, DS-2CD2T85FWD-I3/I5/I8, DS-2CD2935FWD-I & DS-2CD2955FWD-I







Redvision CCTV

Redvision RVX-IP


IPC2124SR3-DPF60, IPC324ER3-DVPF36, IPC3614SR3-DPF36, IPC3614SR3-DPF36M, IPC2324EBR-DPZ28, IPC3232ER3-DVZ28, IPC3232ER3-DUV, IPC3232ER3-DUVZ, HIC7621HX22-C-U, IPC314SR-DVPF36, IPC2224SR5-DPF40-B & IPC2224SR5-DPF60-B

Vanderbilt Industries

CFMW1035, CVMW1035, CCMW1035, CCMS3039 & CCMD3025-DN18


FD8179-H, FD8379-HV, FD8377-HV, IB8360-W, MD8563-HF2 & MD8563-HF4