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Loan a Husky

venerdì, 1 luglio 2016

Autore: Bas van Wijk

Product News

What about a technology date with one of our Huskys? Loan one for free and secure interoperability with Milestone’s all-in-one solution.

With our Husky loan program you can test your solution or integration on the popular Husky free of charge, for up to 6 weeks!  We have a stack of M30s and a couple of M50s available for loan right away.

By taking advantage of this program, you can:

  • Secure interoperability with Milestone’s all-in-one solution
  • Count on Technical support throughout the testing phase
  • Save time as the devices are always prepared and ready-to-test

Apply now
Send an email to partner@milestonsys.com with the Husky model, desired timing and your full contact details.