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New Feature Briefs that will make you look smart

martedì, 1 novembre 2016

Autore: Kimberly Sallingboe

Product News

One of the great things about our XProtect Advanced products, XProtect® Expert and Corporate, is that they enable customers to do so much with their surveillance systems. Yet with so many capabilities, how can we make sure that customers know the platform’s potential? That’s where Feature Briefs come into the picture.

What’s a Feature Brief?

A Feature Brief focuses on a particular feature, XProtect® add-on product or capability in the XProtect Advanced VMS, and provides a deeper level of detail than a traditional marketing brochure or product sheet. The content focuses on the benefits of the capability or feature and is less technical than a specification sheet or a white paper.

For example, the Recording Server Feature Brief covers everything from scaling and optimizing recording servers to high-availability options and end-to-end video security. This Feature Brief also explains some of the new capabilities introduced in XProtect 2016 R3, such as Scalable Video Quality Recording™ and RAM-based pre-event recording. There are also Feature Briefs covering such topics as Edge Storage, System Security and Milestone Interconnect™.

How can I use a Feature Brief?

A Feature Brief can be a great document to leave behind after customer meetings with security and technical managers. Feature Briefs are also useful for addressing specific customer needs or concerns and for showing how certain capabilities within the VMS can benefit a customer’s business.

Where can I find them?

We have created a special area on our website for the Feature Briefs. We will be adding more over time, and we’ll let you know when new Feature Briefs are published.

More Sales tools for the XProtect Advanced portfolio

We’ve also updated the XProtect® Expert and XProtect® Corporate product presentations. You can find the new versions in the Sales Kits for each product.

Get the updated XProtect Expert Sales Kit

Get the updated XProtect Corporate Sales Kit

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