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Vess A-Series NVR by Promise Technology: No risk of dropped frames

sabato, 31 dicembre 2016

Autore: Toyah Hunting

Solution Certification

Maintaining consistent recording performance in video surveillance is vitally important. This can be affected in many ways, like when the background processes of the RAID array place a heavy load on the recording server and cause dropped frames.


The Vess A-Series NVR by Promise Technology, Inc. are high-performance NVR storage appliances for IP video surveillance designed for installations of up to over one hundred full-HD IP cameras. Its advanced RAID engine requires no separate storage unit.


Vess A-series NVRs optimize performance for numerous workloads. This enables the recording server to maintain stability and provide consistent throughput. Robust error handling enables non-stop recording without dropping frames.


This series of NVRs are fully integrated with XProtect®, making installation easy. This simplifies surveillance deployments and lowers the total cost of ownership.


"Promise Technology has certified their complete range of Vess A-Series NVRs through the Milestone Systems certification program. The system performs at a high level of data throughput, and with good read/write latency when using the optimal logical disk configuration. Customers who wish to gain the maximum value and performance out of their surveillance system can also refer to the best practices and performance limitations outlined in the certification documents provided by Promise Technology and Milestone Systems to help design a system," said Trine Voss, Head of the Solution Partner Program at Milestone Systems.


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