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Change Log

giovedì, 29 ottobre 2015

Autore: Anders B. Christensen

The MIP SDK 5.1e Release notes. They can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Changes done after 5.0a:

  • Handle when no Metadata devices available (got null exception for login to XPE)
  • Fixed issue for opening multiple PQZ files via MIPSDK (Got duplicate server-id exception)
  • Fixed issue for initializing SDKAudioPlayer with (-5) -- browser relevant fix
  • Fixed JPEG live saver cpp sample, contained issues for receiving small images (PVV fix)
  • Changed sln to name target as "ax86", to be first in selection (avoid default as x64)
  • Added copy statement for Python in cpp.bat file
  • Handle async soap login, when issued from UI thread  (Critical)
  • Added missing status guides in KnownStatusEvents class (Doc) - Updated to use MIP 5.0b RC2, MIPAC 2.0b_RC1 

Fixed after 5.0b:

  • Added LoadSiteItem for all 3 Environments, with new overloaded method for providing server type (ICP request)
  • Added new VideoOS.Platform to support Search
  • Added code to return SiteItem for XPCO / Basic users
  • Added support for multicast
  • Fixed "GetRelated" method: was incorrect (mostly empty)
  • Added millisecond to logger
  • Fixed RemoveServer (uri) to support replacing one server/login credentials
  • Added support to get ItemConfiguration from slaves
  • Added new login mechanism, to access each slave individually (not through master): improves late access to slaves that are offline at login time. (A new flag 'ServerConfiguration' = 'AllServersIndividually' has to be set)
  • Sample TcpVideoViewer
  • fixed token refresh for XPE connections
  • Support for multiple servers on same IP address - but different tcp port
  •  Fixed issue about Message communication: When multiple classes within same application (e.g. Smart Client) listens to same event, stopping one class would stop all classes listening to this event
  • Avoid null exception when DeSerializing invalid ItemConfigurations would lead to loss of ItemConfigurations
  • Ensure date time format is always InvariantCulture.  Issue found when client and server used different culture
  • Enabled proset using Guides, changing the FQID and lookup
  • Added support for provide Hardware items, and use the GetRelated method to the cameras/microphones etc. on that hardware 

Change after 5.1a:

  • ImageViewerAddOn now has a number of Mouse click events, and information about image size and location 

Fixed after 5.1c:

  • XPCO databases opened directly with ImageViewerControl 
  • RecordedImageReceivedHandler from ImageViewerControl is never called 
  • VideoOS.Platform.SDK.Environment.RemoveServer (Uri uri) does not work