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footage with ANPR: automatic number plate recognition

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is an analytics software that reads, documents and matches vehicle license plates without needing a human operator. For private businesses and governments, license plate recognition offers safety and the efficiencies of monitored vehicle access while reducing congestion, supporting loyalty programs and offering the potential for targeted advertising. On duty 24-7, License plate readers have helped to locate criminals and stolen vehicle for decades.

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License plate recognition offers safety and the efficiencies of monitored vehicle access while reducing congestion, supporting loyalty programs and offering the potential for targeted advertising
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Milestone Marketplace hosts a community of software and hardware partners who offer technologies that can provide automated number plate recognition. Find customized solutions for your needs.
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Milestone Marketplace is created by Milestone Systems, the world’s leading provider of Video Management Solutions (VMS). All software and hardware promoted have received verification to be optimized for Milestones video management software XProtect ® so you can collect video and use it intelligently to solve challenges.
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On Milestone Marketplace, we harness the power of innovation within our community to connect technology partners with the businesses and individuals who need them most. Find applications, hardware and services that solve your challenges by exploring this unique and engaging community.
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Real time recognition for traffic at all speeds

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

ANPR, also called License plate recognition (LPR), uses optical character recognition to scan plates at high speed. The software isolates and captures vehicle plates and logs registration marks with time, date and GPS. It interprets and transfers this information from analogue to digital and then cross-reference letters and numbers with predetermined databases to enable automatic alerts for specific vehicles. With improved cameras, ANPR can now offer complete vehicle recognition and a clear image of front seat occupants. When powered by infrared, license plate cameras can read vehicle registration marks (VRMs) day or night.

License plate scanners can secure an area and optimize traffic flow through toll collection points with automated payment readers. On highways police license plate scanners reduce speeding and reckless driving. Networks can be built cover thousands of lanes, with automated license plate readers (ALPR) now able to capture data from a number of cars at once, all traveling at high speeds.

APNR programs offer seamless integration to readers and can work alongside programs like Facial Recognition, Motion Detection and Access Control. Differentiations between products include, vehicle speed, lane width and resolution, low-light performance, accuracy and ease of integration and zoom capability.
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Real-time ANPR for safety and efficiency
By combining video management software with expert ANPR technology, you can stay in charge of your company’s safety and efficiency. 
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IronYun Vaidio AI Vision Platform

Fornito da IronYun, Inc.

Aeroporti,Formazione,Infrastrutture critiche,Istituti sanitari,Monitoraggio del traffico,Retail

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Software & Hardware
SAIMOS VA Milestone XProtect Plugin

Fornito da Forlan GmbH

Analitica​,Anonimizzazione / Oscuramento,Intelligenza artificiale,Intelligenza artificiale,LPR/ANPR,Rilevamento / tracciamento di oggetti

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Software & Hardware
AXIS Optimizer

Fornito da Axis Communications

Analisi forense,Fino a 1.000 telecamere in un unico sistema,Focus verticale,Infrastrutture critiche,Trasporto pubblico,Plug-in per Smart Client

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