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Il software di gestione video Milestone XProtect® è integrato con una vasta gamma di applicazioni software di terze parti. Per la compatibilità fra le soluzioni video e i componenti delle infrastrutture IT, Milestone collabora con i principali fornitori hardware; per la risoluzione di tutti i tuoi problemi relativi ai sistemi video. Together they can help solve all of your video system challenges. È possibile applicare filtri a prodotti software XProtect, categorie, aree geografiche  o effettuare una ricerca libera.

Soluzione certificata Milestone
Definizione che indica la certificazione della soluzione con la piattaforma Milestone XProtect. La certificazione prevede test legati a funzionalità, utilizzabilità e impatto sulle prestazioni della soluzione. Le informazioni presenti in Solution Finder (Elenco plug-in compatibili) si basano sulle fonti di terzi e vengono fornite "così come sono" da Milestone Systems. Milestone declina qualsiasi responsabilità in merito a precisione, contenuti, completezza, liceità o affidabilità delle informazioni indicate in Solution Finder (Elenco plug-in compatibili).


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Tramite Allied Telesis Inc
Allied Telesis IX5-28GPX offers an impressive set of features in a high-value package, making it ideal for IP video surveillance environments.

X Series networking switches

Tramite Allied Telesis Inc
X Series networking switches are key building blocks for network architecture, based on resilience, reliability and high performance, with basic requirements to support physical security environments.

Mobility-Defined Networks

Tramite Aruba Networks
Aruba Networks' Mobility-Defined Networks™ provides wired and wireless networking that delivers jitter-free surveillance video, toll-quality voice and high-speed data, over ultra-high-speed and secure Wi-Fi. Aruba develops industrial-grade, explosion proof, and FIPS-140-2 outdoor Wi-Fi APs.


Tramite CIAS
The IB-SYSTEM IP is an integration server for the complete management of its sensors.

Safe Zone

Tramite Digital Barriers
SafeZone and SafeZone-edge are intelligent video analytics applications for reliable zone-based intrusion detection. Both products work with Milestone XProtect® VMS product suite to provide alerts and metadata.

Fluidmesh Networks Wireless Backhauling

Tramite Fluidmesh Networks
Fluidmesh wireless products can stream mission-critical video, voice and data. Fluidmesh solutions operate seamlessly with any IP based device, working with a proprietary and optimized protocol.


Tramite Lanner Electronics Inc
Built for vehicular settings, the LVC-5770-7D has gone through extensive vibration and shock testing and has been approved under the E13 system as an in-vehicle computer. The LVC-5770-7D has two removable 2.5" HDD/SSD drive bays and two expansion slots for both WiFi and 3G add-on modules, plus a GPS receiver.

Smart Virtual Fiber

Tramite P2 Wireless Technologies
P2 Smart Virtual Fiber enables the rapid deployment of robust and expandable wireless network connectivity using the revolutionary gigabit daisy-chain and ring topology for video surveillance systems.


Tramite Prysm Software
AppControl is a new generation of access control system for open architecture door access system integration. This software system integrates with a range of open controller manufacturers as well as proprietary brands so that they can be unified into the same management infrastructure.

Fiber-like Wireless Communication

Tramite Siklu Communication Ltd.
Siklu provides short- and medium-range gigabit capacity, uncongested and interference-free point-to-point wireless network connectivity across the network, linking cameras, Milestone XProtect®, storage and remote clients with fiber-like wireless communication.