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By 2050, nearly 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities, putting immense pressure on infrastructure. We need to address these issues now by exploring the possibilities offered by connected video technology.

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The more we see, the smarter our cities become

It’s time to exploit the full potential of data-driven video technology to create a better urban quality of life — with safer environments, better-functioning infrastructures and cleaner streets and public spaces.

Video technology is providing new solutions to old problems such as crime, congestion and pollution. It is enabling proactive responses while delivering the insights to make long-lasting improvements.

With Milestone’s open platform XProtect® video management software at the core, you have the flexibility to build end-to-end video solutions that will solve all your safe city challenges.

Connected video technology for safe cities

  • Put data to work: Video-sourced data is now more available than ever. Smart video solutions enable you to act faster thanks to insights provided by advanced analytics.
  • End silo thinking: Create full situational awareness over complex cityscapes by using centralized video management to connect dispersed devices, systems and sites.
  • Ultimately, it’s all about people: Video solutions help achieve your safe city goals, ranging from smoother commutes to safer and cleaner environments. All designed to benefit city residents.


Safety, mobility and sustainability – different pieces of the same puzzle that come together to deliver a complete safe city solution.

Rethink city safety
to ensure public safety on multiple levels – from citywide crime prevention and risk analysis to crowd management and covid-19 mitigation.
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Rethink city mobility
to ensure a smooth-running city by easing traffic flow and speeding up emergency response and incident management.
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Rethink city sustainability
to ease environmental pressures through new approaches to energy, waste, noise and air quality monitoring and management.
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See 14 success stories about how video technology is improving city life

Be inspired by these cases showcasing how cities around the world have started to rethink safety, mobility and sustainability using connected video solutions.


Your one-stop source for safe city content

View this in-depth content hub packed with ebooks, articles, webinars and case stories showcasing the safe city possibilities available to you.

Milestone XProtect®


Already proven in 500,000+ installations worldwide, our open platform XProtect Video management software allows you to build end-to-end solutions by integrating with 3rd party software and hardware.

Solve city challenges with Milestone solutions

Milestone city solutions

City safety

City mobility

City sustainability

XProtect: the core of safe city solutions

Need to improve traffic flow? Accelerate crime investigations? Reduce waste management costs? XProtect is the platform to build your safe city solutions on.

Whatever your challenge, XProtect’s open platform architecture allows you to integrate and connect the ideal software and hardware for the job, sourced from our global partner network. Build best-in-breed solutions that can be scaled and adapted as needs develop.

With XProtect you can:

  • Customize open, scalable video management solutions
  • Integrate third-party software and hardware to meet specific challenges
  • Call on the expertise of Milestone’s global network

Rethink city safety

Protect people and property.

Increase the safety of residents with connected video solutions that enhance citywide situational awareness, communication and collaboration.

Explore how video can:

  • Keep people safer from crime, overcrowding, and even the pandemic.
  • Help city services, law enforcement and security operators save time and costs.
  • Break the silos between city departments, services and others.
  • Supply insights to drive continuous improvement.

Rethink city mobility

Keep cities moving and people from harm.

Every way people get from A to B can benefit from video technology that saves time and inconvenience — as well as prevent incidents before they even happen.

Explore how video can:

  • Ease congested roads and transport hubs.
  • Create smoother running infrastructure.
  • Ensure faster emergency response.
  • Provide data for ongoing improvement.

Rethink city sustainability

Safeguard the environment and residents.

Keep an eye on dangerous pollution or water levels, while improving public services and infrastructure.

Explore how video can:

  • Monitor key environmental factors.
  • Prevent or mitigate injury or damage.
  • Provide a cleaner, more efficient city.
  • Help maintain infrastructure and supply.