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Make every stay safe, every guest happy 
Ensure every stay is a safe and memorable one for guests, while improving your bottom line. 
Better security, better experiences
In the hotel industry ensuring safety while delivering a memorable guest experience is key to success. You require foolproof security that safeguards your hotel's reputation and protects your bottomline from the risks of theft and litigation. Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS) allows you to customize your security, control your entire operation with ease, and protect guests, staff, and property — so you can focus on delivering unforgettable stays that keep guests coming back.
One VMS meets multiple needs
Ensure guest safety and minimize liability 
Keep guests safe with video technology that lets you secure your environment while minimizing the risk of liability. This makes your hotel a safer choice for guests.
Deliver exceptional guest experiences 
Integrate advanced analytics to enhance experiences, making each visit—from business trips to family vacations— so memorable it encourages repeat visits from guests.
Optimize your operations 
Make data-driven decisions to simplify operations, cut costs, and improve efficiency by using the same technology you trust for security to drive profitability. 
How it works 
Explore how we enhance safety and security, enhance guest experiences, and more. Click on the yellow dots for more information. 
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Ensure guest safety 
XProtect integrated with sensors can detect spills, alerting staff to mitigate slips and falls. It also helps monitor areas like pools and bars to alleviate overcrowding and ensure guest safety. 
Improve security across the property 
Provide a secure environment for your guests and staff. XProtect integrates seamlessly with access control systems, protecting sensitive areas and keeping everyone safe. 
Streamline resource allocation 
By analyzing guest traffic patterns, XProtect Rapid REVIEW helps make informed staffing decisions. This ensures enough staff are available during busy periods, while preventing overstaffing during quieter periods.
Maximize revenue across outlets
XProtect Rapid REVIEW helps maximize revenue by analyzing guest traffic patterns and space utilization. This allows you to optimize offerings to meet demands at restaurants, bars, and other outlets.
Simplify narrative creation for stakeholders
XProtect streamlines incident management, allowing you to quickly export a single file containing all relevant video sequences in a combined format. This simplifies video investigations.  
Enhance operations with data-driven insights 
XProtect Rapid REVIEW goes beyond security, using video data to predict future needs. It analyzes trends in amenity usage and guest traffic to optimize services, boosting guest satisfaction and loyalty. 
Secure front desk operations 
XProtect keeps your entrance, lobby and reception area secure with vigilant monitoring. Staff can respond quickly to any concerns, without disrupting the guest experience. 
Document incidents on the move 
Security doesn't stop when staff are on the go. With XProtect Mobile on their smartphones, staff can respond to issues and upload evidence to XProtect rightaway. 
Reduce the risk of theft and loss 
Protect your valuable inventory from theft. XProtect combines video surveillance with alarms and access control, deterring theft and simplifying investigations. 
Deliver exclusive VIP experiences 
Make your VIPs feel special from the moment they arrive. XProtect can be combined with license plate recognition to help personalize their experience, creating a truly unforgettable stay. 

Meet your security challenges with proven video technology

Learn how XProtect’s core features, extensions and third-party integrations can help design the right security system to resolve your security and operational challenges. 
XProtect VMS
Access Control
License Plate Recognition 
Video analytics 
Privacy and cybersecurity
Have an eye on guests and staff
Monitor and manage your property more efficiently with XProtect. From keeping an eye on the lobby to safeguarding hallways and parking lots, XProtect ensures safety without intruding on the guest experience. With video monitoring integrated with Access Control, you can allow or restrict guests and staff access to certain areas, reinforcing security without feeling imposing. You can spot VIPs early with License Plate Recognition and roll out the red carpet. And when things don’t go as planned, the Centralized Search and Incident Manager features facilitate quick incident resolution.
Keep unauthorized people out
    Hotels are open 24/7, making them particularly accessible and security a constant challenge. Whether it's protecting the back office, preventing vandalism, or securing guest rooms, you want it done efficiently without being invasive. Video monitoring integrated with Access Control can grant or restrict access to authorized guests and staff. This integration tightens security across your property and simplifies operations. It allows staff, from the receptionist to the hotel manager, a single, streamlined access point. The result? A safer environment for both guests and staff, where security measures enhance rather than intrude on the hospitality experience.
    Make a great first impression
    Make the first moment count as soon as guests arrive. XProtect's License Plate Recognition (LPR) automatically identifies guests so you can welcome them. Alongside people counting, heatmaps, and common path analytics, LPR transforms video into actionable insights for personalized service; as well as optimizes processes and boosts revenue. It ensures smooth access, bolsters security, and most importantly, creates great first impressions. And it’s not only VIPs who can feel pampered; every guest can get special treatment. With LPR, every arrival is an opportunity to make guests feel valued from the first hello to their final farewell.
    Unlock the value of video 
      Beyond ensuring safety and security for guests and property, video offers valuable insights for data-driven decisions that boost guest satisfaction and venue appeal. By integrating XProtect VMS with advanced video analytics, such as heat mapping, people counting, and space occupancy, managers gain a clear picture of how guests move and where they gather within the hotel. These powerful tools allow managers to track guest traffic patterns across different times and places, helping to fine-tune staffing levels effectively.
      Keep guest data under lock and key
      Your reputation could nosedive if your guests’ privacy is compromised. Hackers can access sensitive information such as guest identities and credit card details. This can lead to financial fraud, identity theft, and significant personal and financial damage to guests. The absence of strict controls on video footage can result in it being accessed without permission. For instance, video feeds from swimming pools or hotel corridors could be wrongfully accessed and misused. XProtect’s strict privacy and cybersecurity protocols prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and video feeds, protecting guests. The result is an environment where your guests’ privacy is assured, and you don’t risk fines or legal action.
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      Rely on Milestone video technology, with solutions proven in 500,000+ customer sites and 25 years of experience in the industry.

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