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Milestone Tech Support News

mardi, 20 février 2018

Auteur: Toyah Hunting

Company News

Milestone Technical Support during Milestone Community Days(MIPS) 2018

During these three regional events in 2018, Milestone Technical Support focused on how to optimize XProtect and promote effective implementations. This included info on best practices for designing, deploying, maintaining and updating XProtect installations. You can find this in the Knowledge Base (KB) article MIPS 2018 Optimizing XProtect.


New KB articles
Where can I find more information on Milestone federated architecture (MFA) and Interconnect
Setup your Recording Server for best performance
When should I archive?
Schedule a configuration backup in SQL express



Optimizing your SQL setup for XProtect
Is there any regular SQL maintenance you recommend?
Settings which should be changed on your SQL server to get the most out of your XProtect SQL installation.
How can I minimize my SQL database size for my installation.
Are there any regular maintenance tasks on a Milestone installation I should budget time for?
Setup your Recording Server for best performance


With 3 releases per year is there a difference between them?


Milestone Technical Support Policy

We aim to provide consistent and predictable guidelines for product support availability from a product’s release and through its lifecycle.

Here’s what you can expect from us.


Do you have a question about how to use Care Premium with Technical Support?

Your most frequently asked Care Premium support questions answered. Check out the Care Premium Support FAQs

Milestone Technical Support Webinars

You can now sign up for a hands-on demo designed for Partners and Care Premium End-Users by Milestone Technical Support. Get a full understanding of the support experience; what can you expect from Milestone Technical Support; how to use Care and Care Premium to its full potential and discover the benefits of Care within Milestone Technical Support. Sign-up here.


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