By providing new solutions to persistant challenges, data-driven connected video technology enables you to rethink city sustainability on a whole new level.

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Because people deserve a safer and healthier environment

In city sustainability, video technology helps cities reduce their impact while protecting residents from natural and manmade environmental threats.

Many cities are turning to video monitoring and alerts to keep track of pollution, water levels and other natural events. Meanwhile, video technology is also streamlining city services such as waste management and water supply; all of which contribute to resident quality of life, while delivering energy and cost savings.


How video technology creates safer cities

This ebook details how cities around the world are turning to video technology to improve safety, mobility and sustainability. You will also learn how Milestone can make safe city thinking a reality.


Eliminate legwork and unwanted surprises
Monitor water levels in local waterways to evaluate and predict flood or supply risks. Advanced sensors alert authorities to the slightest change in water level. This not only provides precious time for countermeasures, it saves city workers from the laborious process of manual testing.
Mitigate risks and create healthier environments
Improve city environments and resident wellbeing by monitoring noise, chemical and waste pollution with a combination of cameras, sensors and analytics. All of this can be centralized to ensure collaboration and more effective responses — while aiding the development of preventative measures.
Reduce waste and the resources needed to do it
Use resources more effectively and improve route and schedule planning. Smart bin collection, where bins are only emptied when empty, is just one way to save costs, fuel and labor hours. Surveillance technology is also highly effective against illegal dumping.

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Milestone XProtect®

Make complex citywide solutions easier to manage

XProtect Corporate is designed for large-scale and high-complexity solutions. Entire connected cityscapes can be efficiently administered from a single management interface.

It features advanced video grooming functions and encryption capabilities to reduce video storage costs, while ensuring integrity and industry compliance. You also have the freedom to adapt and scale solutions as your safe city needs evolve.

Why choose XProtect?

Open platform

XProtect’s open platform architecture provides full flexibility and scalability to build end-to-end video solutions. You can integrate a vast selection of third-party software and devices.

Seamless integration

The Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK) makes integrations fast and intuitive and lets you keep a single interface no matter how much you scale your solution.

Centrally managed

Combine diverse systems and devicesinto a single, centrally operated and managed solution — with XProtect as the reliable hub. Allows easy scaling and operational efficiency.

Highlighted XProtect Features & Functions


Find what you’re looking for, fast!

Accelerate investigations with this advanced forensic analytics solution. With XProtect Rapid Review, you can review, search and analyze hours of video in minutes, and pinpoint people, objects and behaviors of interest immediately. Powered by BriefCam technology, this XProtect add-on puts an end to spending countless hours behind a screen.

Alarm Manager
Alarm Manager
Monitor and act quickly on environmental risks
Save time while protecting people and property. Alarm Manager can be programmed to monitor and trigger alerts for environmental factors such as water and air pollution level. This eliminates the need for manual testing and facilitates rapid response.
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XProtect Smart Wall
XProtect Smart Wall
Collect and connect all video insights
Provide a better safety net by doing away with silos. Smart Walls collect citywide video feeds, maps, alarms and text messages in a single intuitive and flexible video wall. It’s ideal for assessing and coordinating responses to environmental risks such as rising water levels.
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Smart Map in XProtect
Smart Map in XProtect
Get a single picture of all installations
Finally get a complete overview of complicated road and transport systems. Smart Map lets operators access and navigate between devices and locations on a highly visualized map. It also integrates GIS maps, CAD drawings and Google and Bing maps.
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More XProtect functions for safe cities

Centralized search
Work smarter and more efficiently by gathering all video search functions in one place. A function in XProtect Smart Client, centralized search makes finding a specific incident or video sequence easier by aggregating all data types registered in the platform.
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Video Push
Share live video on the go. Video push allows live video streaming into XProtect from mobile device cameras. First responders and security operators can share footage in real time, collect first-hand evidence and cover angles not covered by fixed cameras.
360-degree dewarping
Increase situational awareness and reduce camera costs. This functionality means a single camera can track a moving object, eliminating the need to switch between cameras. The upshot is the need for fewer cameras without sacrificing coverage.
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Milestone Marketplace

Find all the XProtect products and expertise you need

Marketplace connects a global network of XProtect compatible software, hardware and expertise providers. The intuitive filters ensure you can find and compare the best products for the job, as well the experts to help make your safe city aspirations a reality.

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Data privacy

Secure by design, XProtect is also GDPR-ready certifiedand can be operatedin FIPS 140-2 compliant mode.


Count on the highest security standards thanks to tiered administratorand user rights, and the strictestsecurity procedures.

Responsible use of technology

Our commitment to the responsibleuse of technology is embeddedin our products, people and our approach to the global market.


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