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Partner Learning Portal now even easier to navigate

torstai, 2 marraskuuta 2017

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The Milestone Partner Learning Portal has been updated to promote easier navigation to help you find the learning tools you need, when you need them.

Milestone has been working hard to bring you content that covers everything you could need to learn about working with us and our products with ease and success. After spending almost two years developing 40 free eLearning courses, three re-designed instructor-led classes, and four online certification assessments, it was time to revisit how we present this content to you and your customers.

The Partner Learning Portal homepage features the following navigational upgrades:

  1. Redesigned tabs: After researching what you, our partners, were accessing the most, we added tabs at the top so you can easily access training and certification options, view your transcripts, and download completion documents and certification diplomas. You can also view additional information on how to contact us if you have questions, comments, or concerns.
  2. Learning & Performance catalog link: We included a link to the Learning & Performance catalog in the banner on the homepage so it is easier to access a detailed list of everything we offer.
  3. “Customer Learning Portal” banner: This banner links directly to the Customer Learning Portal. You do not need a MyMilestone login to access the Customer Learning Portal, so this is a good resource to send customers who do not have a My Milestone account. However, it is important to note that anyone, including end-customers, with a My Milestone ID can access everything available in the Partner Learning Portal.
  4.  “Featured Course” banner: We will feature a different eLearning course every couple of months to help make sure valuable information is not missed. This banner is located on the Partner Learning Portal home page and will link directly to the featured course.

Additional updates

  1. New eLearning categories: To make it easier to find the courses you are looking for, we have updated the eLearning categories! We now have eight:
  • Exploring New XProtect Release Features
  • Getting Started with XProtect
  • Designing Secure Milestone Solutions
  • Configuring and Using XProtect
  • Exploring Milestone Husky
  • Managing Accounts and Ordering Licenses
  • Maintaining and Troubleshooting XProtect
  • Developing and Configuring Integrations 
  1. Our Training and Certification program recently won two silver awards in the prestigious Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence in Learning Awards program! We take pride in our training and certification program and strive to provide you with the very best resources to help you be successful and build strong relationships with your customers.
  • Best Certification Program for our Training & Certification Program. This is an important validation that our certification program is truly world class.
  • Best Advance in Competencies and Skill Development for our Learning & Performance Program. This award speaks to the high degree of instructional quality found in our entire Learning & Performance Program, including our classes, eLearning and certifications.

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