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Integrate Milestone XProtect video into Lenel OnGuard

tiistai, 5 syyskuuta 2017

Laatija: Toyah Hunting


Lenel OnGuard is an access control software that has some VMS capability. Some integrators wish to add more capabilities with Milestone XProtect VMS.

This eLearning course covers how to import Milestone video for use in Lenel OnGuard.

Upon completion, partners and integrators will be able to:

  • Download and install required software
  • Run a program to generate a key file
  • Receive the license from Milestone
  • Run a program to associate Milestone cameras with OnGuard cameras
  • Add Milestone video to Lenel OnGuard
  • Configure alarms
  • Record and export video

Course length: 20 minutes

Enroll for free via our Learning & Performance page

Find out how Milestone partnered with Lenel to integrate the Lenel OnGuard Access Control System with the XProtect® video management system in this Solution Brief