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Hotfixes to the problems you experience most often

maaliskuuta 02, 2022
We occasionally experience bugs and release hotfixes to sort them out, prior to eliminating them in the next of the three yearly product updates.
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Help yourself! Checkout the latest troubleshooting, how to and hotfix guides here:

We occasionally need to release hotfixes, prior to eliminating issues in the next of the three yearly product updates.

We have recently published the following articles.

NEW - How to (45439)
How to find the Milestone certification tests in the Milestone Learning portal 

NEW - FAQ (45012)
Milestone Smart Client Watermark missing when exporting in XProtect format (troubleshooting) 

NEW - How To (43266)
How to make 'MS Failover started' event work as expected when using HTTPS (troubleshooting) 

NEW - Troubleshooting (43265)
VideoOS IIS Application Pools are not restarted automatically if they fail in XProtect Management Server Failover (troubleshooting) 

NEW - Troubleshooting (43825)
Management Server Failover Configuration over HTTPS fails with error '<primary machine fqdn> not in server certificate' (troubleshooting) 

NEW - FAQ (43830)
Husky IVO series potential RAM leaks (troubleshooting) 

NEW - FAQ (43661)
Unwanted Smart Client view refresh during a failover switch (FAQ) 

NEW - Troubleshooting (43024)
Unable to log into the Management Client with a user not in the default Administrators Role using all XProtect products except Corporate 

NEW - How To (43824)
Enable Basic Authentication for the Milestone Management Server Failover web console (2022 R1 and later) 

NEW - How To (39215)
How to send analytics event XML using the camera GUID 

NEW - Troubleshooting (43663)
Hardware-accelerated motion detection failing on Nvidia cards (troubleshooting) 

NEW - How To (43028)
How to export using the MIP SDK to longer paths (more than 260 characters) in Windows 

NEW - How To (40570)
Configuration API GetOtherRecordingServersWithMedia method issue & solution 

NEW - FAQ (40567)
Configurable timeout on XProtect Access plugins when using 2021 R1 Event Server patch 

NEW - How To (41063)
Disable Audit logging of permission changes (why & how-to) 

NEW - FAQ (42945)
XProtect Access integration with CCure 9000 v. 2.90 SP4 refresh configuration fails (troubleshooting) 

NEW - How To (43346)
Register new license (SLC) in Customer Dashboard: How to find the 'MAC address of the server that was used for activation' 

NEW - FAQ (43027)
Husky IVO Dell models and driver links 

NEW - How To (39750)
Dell Identity Module flash for Husky IVO (guide) 

NEW - Troubleshooting (42709)
Updating the Device Pack driver version and name in the Management Client (troubleshooting) 

Updated - FAQ (39376)
Milestone Software Registration Portal (softreg.milestonesys.com) — decommissioned on 01/Mar/2022 (FAQ) 

Updated - FAQ (39210)
Management Client — clicking on an existing Alarm will result in 'Failed to get users from server' error (troubleshooting) 

Updated - FAQ (33287)
No audio on alarms in the Smart Client (troubleshooting) 

Updated - FAQ (34481)
Improved XProtect licensing model (FAQ) 

Updated - How To (33281)
How to fully uninstall the XProtect VMS (detailed guide) 

Updated - FAQ (34371)

Device Pack 10.0a and later requires .NET Framework 4.7 or later (troubleshooting and solutions - MSI installers) 

Updated - Troubleshooting (35059)

Low image quality is experienced when you view video in the XProtect Mobile Client 

Updated - How To (33112)

Milestone Integration Platform (MIP SDK) — using GoTo in playback 

Updated - How To (33782)

How does the XProtect Smart Client export to AVI format? 

Updated - How To (34370)

XProtect VMS cumulative patches (complete list) 

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