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Turn cameras into multifunctional sensors

With a 97% reliability rate, co.exist provided by Sprinx Technologies is designed to enhance the standard functionality of surveillance systems by turning cameras into multifunctional sensors. Ideal for smart city solutions as co.exist monitors the movement of people and vehicles to guarantee a safe environment.

Looking for a solution that can help your customers count people, detect overcrowded areas, and monitor with regards to social distancing? Are your customers looking for ways to improve traffic flow within city environments and reduce the response time and use of emergency vehicles? Then you should look no further than co.exist. With a 97% reliability rate, co.exist is designed to enhance the standard functionality of XProtect surveillance systems by turning cameras into multifunctional sensors.

Ideal for smart cities, this all-in-one solution helps guarantee a safe, secure, and organized environment. Seamlessly integrated with Milestone XProtect, co.exist can automatically detect incidents in real-time allowing users to quickly respond. Designed for installation on standard Intel-based servers, it can help optimize resource allocation and reduce the number of resources needed to monitor for social distancing.

Accurate people counting

Combining artificial intelligence and data intelligence, co.exist offers people counting and occupancy metrics in facilities and public areas. By capturing and analyzing data from existing cameras, this highly accurate solution can monitor access to facilities to determine occupancy allowing users to control compliance with regard to the number of people permitted at one time.

With full XProtect® Smart Client integration, it’s easy to trigger alerts based on the number of people present at any given time, and an alarm will automatically pop up in the XProtect Alarm Manager. It can also be integrated with audio devices to trigger audio alerts for instance to alert people that social distancing is being violated. Additionally, because it only analyzes the video streams and doesn’t store them, it is fully compliant with privacy regulations.

Understand traffic flow

Based on the most modern and innovative object tracking and deep learning technologies, this smart video analytics software platform can accurately detect, classify, and track vehicles. It can also distinguish between different types of vehicles such as cars, vans, buses/trucks, and bikes (motorcycle/bicycle). This makes it possible to base notifications on different types of objects resulting in fewer false alarms and improved performance. Users will immediately be informed about traffic jams and congestion and will gain valuable insights about traffic density to adequately plan and make improvements where necessary.

How does co.exist work?

Co.exist pulls video streams directly from video surveillance cameras, analyzes them, and triggers different events through the Milestone platform. And, because this smart solution uses video stream from existing surveillance cameras users can generate alarms and gather statistical data without the need to install additional equipment. Cameras can simultaneously perform video surveillance and analysis, and operators don’t need to know specific knowledge about the CCTV system and layout of cameras. With full Smart Client integration, alarms pop up automatically within the XProtect alarm manager, allowing operators to visually verify the situation. This fully integrated solution empowers operators with the tools and information they need to respond to incidents confidently. And, operators can handle more cameras without getting overloaded.

A broad range of applications

From cities and public transport to government buildings and retail stores, co.exist meets the needs of a broad range of industries offering an easy way to monitor for proximity detection, overcrowded areas, and to gather data about the movement of traffic. Additionally, it delivers marketing insights assisting users in making informed marketing decisions to further improve operational efficiency and help deliver on objectives more effectively and efficiently.


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