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Teemme ahkerasti töitä, jotta kaikki milestonesys.com-sivuston sivut olisivat käytettävissä mahdollisimman monella kielellä. Mutta tämä prosessi vie aikaa. Vaikka monet toiminnoistamme ovat monikielisiä, jotkin sivut, kuten tämä, eivät ole vielä käytettävissä paikallisella kielelläsi.
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Milestone launches a new Product Expert eLearning curriculum

Five new eLearning courses will help you communicate the value of Milestone XProtect®. 
The new courses focus on customers’ primary business challenges and pain points. The goal is to equip sales organizations with the insights and product knowledge to communicate how XProtect solves them.  
The curriculum has been designed for salespeople who are newer to Milestone. They will receive a solid foundation in the right questions to ask, and how to describe and demonstrate the value that a XProtect solution provides. 
Each course has been created in close collaboration with our partners and sales team using in-depth market analyses. 
The five new courses (and two earlier ones) on communicating product features 
The five new courses are going live on the Learning Portal in early November. The first two courses were launched in May 2021. 

Ease of Deploying

  • Get an overview of the features and add-ons that help to deploy XProtect quickly and efficiently – you will also learn how to explain them so end-customers can easily understand the benefits they offer, and the optimal time to employ them.
  • Link: https://go.bluevolt.com/Milestone/s/coursedetail/289962/

System Monitoring and Maintenance

  • This course will enable you to identify and explain the features or functions that help monitor and maintain XProtect installations. It will also help you identify the instances where these are useful along with the most appropriate product suite to choose.
  • Link: https://go.bluevolt.com/Milestone/s/coursedetail/316081/

Deployment Options

  • Be introduced to the deployment options available for Milestone XProtect, both on-premises and in the cloud. You will be able to identify and explain the key components in the various on-premises and cloud-based deployment options; as well as identify suitable deployment options for various end-customer stakeholders.
  • Link: https://go.bluevolt.com/Milestone/s/coursedetail/253354

Investigation and Evidence Handling

High-Performing VMS

  • This course uncovers some of the features and functions within XProtect that keep end-customer installations running at peak performance and to budget. Become capable of identifying and explaining user instances and XProtect functions that maintain high performance.
  • Link: https://go.bluevolt.com/Milestone/s/coursedetail/289960/

System Security

  • This course introduces the most essential functions of XProtect that keep customers’ installations secure.
  • Enables you to effectively communicate the importance of security to various customer stakeholders.
  • Launched May 2021 - link: https://go.bluevolt.com/Milestone/s/coursedetail/241482/

Situational Awareness

More to come

The total curriculum is currently planned to include sixteen individual courses, which will be rolled out over the next few years.

Once complete, the Product Expertise eLearning curriculum will provide participants with a solid foundation in Milestone product features and functions, how they impact customers, and ultimately how Milestone can solve challenges within key verticals.

Happy learning!