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Human fall down detection AI

It’s a rarely acknowledged and unfortunate fact: according to the World Health Organization, falls are currently the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths worldwide.  
That’s why Senturian Healthcare AI is designed to help save lives by accurately detecting human fall-down and cries for help. Seamlessly integrated into XProtect®, this solution is the first in the world to combine video and sound analytics with privacy masking. 
Senturian Solutions aims to contribute to global society with innovative image technology that solves real problems within the healthcare industry. The fall down detection is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, and elderly living alone. Adopting Senturian Healthcare AI can help save lives across the globe by reducing reaction time. 
Senturian Healthcare AI

Already implemented in facilities in the Asia-Pacific region, Senturian Healthcare AI is designed to help nursing staff quickly respond whenever a patient falls. This intelligent video analytics solution is based on Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning. It works with most existing security cameras, allowing your customers to repurpose their existing investments. This means you can transform their existing video solution into a full-blown analytics system that can not only monitor but also help improve business operations and processes.

Combining image analysis and sound/speech analysis

Senturian Healthcare AI can both see and hear. This robust life-saving system pulls video streams directly from Milestone XProtect. It uses image analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and sound analytics to analyze the video and triggers events through the platform. It has two levels of detection—the first level uses AI to analyze security camera footage and identify patients who fall. Acting like an accurate pair of eyes, this highly accurate fall detection solution uses AI to determine whether a person is kneeling, sitting on the floor, tying their shoelace, or indeed falling with a low rate of false positives. Using sound/speech analytics, the second level can also detect if a person screams or cries for help.

Privacy is always protected
Senturian Healthcare AI monitors elderly people in a non-invasive manner. Thanks to privacy masking this solution ensures privacy is always respected. Perfect for healthcare industries, it can detect incidents without revealing personal details of the people in the image by offering silhouette masking technology. This ensures that masked people are displayed as silhouettes.  
Senturian Healthcare AI is bundled with Canon's Moving Object Mask plug-in for XProtect to hide all the details. If an incident occurs, it’s possible to remove these privacy restrictions allowing the image to be viewed without masking.
How does it work?

Senturian’s Behaviour Detection— also known as Neurolytics — is used to perform behavioral analytics mainly focusing on human falls, violence detection, and sound analytics and is fully integrated into XProtect. Running on Intel CPUs, it pulls video streams directly from XProtect, analyzes them, and triggers different events through the platform. With full Smart Client integration, fall detection alarms pop up automatically within the XProtect alarm manager, and the camera automatically zooms to allow visual verification.

Beyond healthcare

Senturian’s suite of analytics can also be used in other industry verticals and various deployments. Sound analytics is also able to detect abnormal sounds such as vehicles colliding, breaking glass, gun shots and explosions up to 50m away. Using Neurolytics’ behavior pattern analytics, this smart solution is deployed to detect violence by identifying fighting and violent behavior.

Find out more, download customer case story or get in touch with Senturian today via Milestone Marketplace.

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