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Milestone Conference & XProtect 2017 Release

Milestone Community Days: Milestone Conference & XProtect 2017 Release takes place in Israel on July 13, 2017. This is the first year that we are hosting a conference in Israel, and you can look forward to a program tailored specifically to the local market, with plenty of opportunities for networking with Milestone Community members.

Something big is happening in our VMS product portfolio. We’re expanding and strengthening our product portfolio, so you have more options to address the low-to-mid-market segment.

At Milestone Conference & XProtect 2017 Release, you will experience live demonstration of the two new products, XProtect Express+ and XProtect Professional+ and the number of advantages they offer integrators:

  • Reduce total system cost with hardware accelerated Video Motion Detection 
  • Configure several cameras, roles and users simultaneously 
  • Remote management, through a single interface that can run directly on a laptop
  • Documentation of deployment
  • Stay on top of customer installations and offer round-the-clock support





Breakfast and Registration 




Welcome by Web2See and more

- New coming products
- Care plus promotion

10:00   10:15  Introduction to Milestone  
10:15   10:40 Product range
10:40   10:55  Milestone Xproetct 2017, R2 Release
10:55   11:10  Product Architecture
11:10   11:30 Interconnect, SVQR, Edge Storage & Milestone Federated Architecture
11:30   11:50 Coffee brake
11:50   12:10 The Power Hardware Acceleration and H265 support          
12:10   12:20 Pre-Buffer in RAM  
12:20   12:30 Xprotect Add-on's in focus   
12:30   12:50 License Plate Recognition
12:50   13:10 Access Control Integration
13:10   14:10 Lunch
14:10   14:30 Xprotect Transact
14:30   14:45 ONVIF Bridge




Cyber Security 

- Two Factor Authentification, Per client Access, Kerberos, Hardening Guide

15:15   15:45 Complete demo and final wrap up + promotion
15:45   16:00 Quiz


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Date: Thursday, 13 July 2017
Location: Tel Aviv
Charlton Tel Aviv hotel
Eliezer Peri St 10
Tel Aviv-Yafo
63573 Israel 

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*event is free to attend and includes lunch and coffee/tea