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Hardware manufacturers gain new benefits through System Builder Program

lunes, 3 septiembre 2018

Autor: Toyah Hunting

Partner News

Milestone launches a Community Enablement initiative to support System Builders: empowering all partners to prosper by doing what they do best

The System Builder program was launched in February this year. It lets hardware manufacturers build and distribute hardware with pre-installed Milestone software. In our continued effort to support the partners, we now invite Server Hardware Manufacturers to join the program as Community Enablers.

Together, we can merge our respective strong capabilities and complementary portfolios to span the development and support of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who have joined the program as System Builders.

As Community Enablers, Server Hardware Manufacturers will play a key role in providing the essential infrastructure for their OEMs, who bring the final product to market. 


DELL EMC first to join

DELL EMC is the first Milestone partner to become a Community Enabler. They will open their surveillance lab facilities to their OEMs prior to commercial release of the product and also execute joint marketing efforts with Milestone.

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