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Fixed! Hotfixes to the issues you experience most often

lunes, 30 abril 2018

Autor: Toyah Hunting

Company News

We occasionally experience bugs in our software and perform hotfixes to sort them out before eliminating them in the next of the three product updates we release every year.

We have recently made the following hotfixes and troubleshooting articles. 


Click on the link to find out what to do if this is a problem you have experienced:

A high number of bookmarks is causing high CPU load in the SQL Server

How to optimize Milestone Mobile settings for better performance?

The evolution of XProtect VMS software (PDF)

XProtect® VMS: .NET security vulnerability (hotfixes for 2016 R1 - 2018 R1)

XProtect®: .NET security vulnerability

The XProtect Recording Server locks up periodically

Export path in XProtect Smart Client cannot be locked

Cannot add device/camera, cannot edit settings (XProtect Management Client)

XProtect Management Client crashes when you click on the "PTZ" or "Presets" tab

Unknown user-defined events exposed by the SDK

Smart Map setup guide (PDF)

XProtect Mobile Server cannot view playback when hardware acceleration is enabled (hotfix for 2018 R1)

How to obtain an upgraded license file (SLC) during an upgrade of an XProtect system

Debugging techniques for developing XProtect Smart Client plug-ins

Debugging techniques for developing XProtect Management Client plug-ins

Upgrade from XProtect Expert to XProtect Corporate fails (Husky M550/M500/M50A)

Hikvision is disabling ONVIF support in firmware 5.5.0

Axis camera possibly wrongly detected as an 8-channel device

Restoring a corrupt configuration file in XProtect Professional VMS

Unable to downgrade firmware, as only older version is supported

Windows CAL licensing under XProtect

XProtect 2018 R1 cumulative patch installer (for Management Server, Management Client, and Recording Server) 

Error when opening XProtect Management Application: "Failed to load the file. Root element is missing."


XProtect® VMS: .NET security vulnerability (hotfixes for 2016 R1 - 2018 R1)XProtect®: .NET security vulnerability

The Recording Server, Management Server and Management Client in XProtect® (Corporate, Expert, Professional+, Express+, Essential+) use an exploitable .NET Framework Remoting deserialization level. Elevation of Privileges and/or Denial-of-Service are possible if the affected ports are exposed. 

Hotfixes have been released for versions 2016 R1 (10.0a) through 2018 R1 (12.1a) and the issue is fixed permanently in 2018 R2 (12.2a). Systems running an XProtect version older than 2016 R1 must upgrade to the 2016 R1 product version or later and apply the relevant patch to mitigate this vulnerability. It is recommended to install the hotfixes if you use any of the affected XProtect products.

For more information (list of ports, etc.), check KB 4218, "XProtect®: .NET security vulnerability."

Please note that only XProtect products from the C-code group are affected: Corporate, Expert, Professional+, Express+, Essential+. The E-code products (Professional, Express) are not affected.


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