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Spotlight on 2017 R1

martes, 31 enero 2017

Autor: Kimberly Sallingboe

Product News

The first product update of 2017 includes a number of additional enhancements to the XProtect® Advanced VMS. We continue our focus on cybersecurity, introduce a simpler installation process for single-server sites and expand the scope of existing features.

Beefing up security

We all know that cyberattacks are on everybody’s mind these days and a concern to many high-risk installations. That’s why the 2017 R1 product update includes a number of security enhancements for improved cybersecurity. To make sure installations running XProtect Corporate have even stronger security and are only accessible for authorized personnel, we’ve enabled two-factor authentication on the XProtect® Web Client and Milestone Mobile.

We’ve also introduced the ability to better control who gets access to the system and video data by enabling system administrators to control user access permission on the viewing client level. This feature is well-suited for installations with multiple users, and gives administrators better control over the users that have access to each viewing client. This is supported for both XProtect® Expert and Corporate.

These latest security features complement the wide range of existing options, such as https-encrypted communication between servers and cameras and servers and clients, support for Kerberos, digital signature and password protection on video export, which enable you to provide a secure, protected surveillance solution.

Making life easier for single-server installations

We’ve simplified the installation process for smaller, single-server installations using XProtect Corporate or Expert. When all system components are installed on the same machine, the installer will automatically perform a wide range of actions, including scanning for and adding all cameras and creating a number of views in the Smart Client to match the identified cameras. This wizard-like installer brings the simple, predictable set-up available in our business-ready VMS products, to the advanced VMS portfolio as well, offering integrators an easier, more reliable installation process.

Viewing alarms in the Web Client

When we talk about our viewing clients, we often speak about how they provide customers with the freedom to choose how they want to view their video. Freedom of choice means providing an equal experience regardless of the viewing client used. With this product update, we’re introducing the alarm list for the XProtect Web Client. Now Web Client users can get the same overview of generated system alarms that was previously only available on the Smart Client. So they can access their system on-the-go, from any internet-enabled PC, secure in the knowledge that they’ll always know when something needs their attention. It’s mobility, without compromising on security.

Bringing the benefits of Smart Maps to offline systems

With the introduction of Smart Maps last year, installations connected to the Internet can use Bing, Google and OpenStreetMap to incorporate live maps into their systems. The 2017 R1 product update gives users access to the full database of offline maps from OpenStreetMap. This new feature will enable customers with off-line installations to take advantage of Smart Maps as well.

Expanding ONVIF Bridge capabilities

ONVIF Bridge enables third parties to do more with Milestone video. As another step in our efforts to support wide-range, open platform solutions and protocols, ONVIF Bridge now enables operators from third-party systems to access the Milestone video feed to playback video.