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XProtect 2017 R3: Going out with a bang

martes, 5 septiembre 2017

Autor: Kimberly Sallingboe

Product News

We know that our partners work with us because they believe they will win more business if they lead with Milestone. Our aim is to keep the innovation coming, so that we will continue to offer the best VMS available on the market. Which brings us to R3 2017, our latest product release, where we bring you even more functionality to offer your customers. Yes, we’ve made a great product even greater.


Away from your desk? No problem.

Now customers can be in full control over who enters and exits their premises using Milestone Mobile. They can open and close doors, grant or deny access to buildings and get a full overview of their building’s perimeter, all from their mobile phone. Nothing will escape their notice and they’ll always have their access control and video management systems at their fingertips.


Why investigate, when you can prevent?

We’re introducing an easy and affordable way for shop owners to keep their businesses safe. With this release, customers will be able to display live feeds from their VMS on any DLNA-supported screen to customers. All they will need is a computer, a screen and our software, and they get a great tool for preventing crime before it happens.


Stepping up audio quality

We’re continuing our focus on audio in this release by introducing support for AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) audio. Customers will be able to record, play and speak in high quality sound. This feature is great for noisy environments, such as factories, industrial facilities and public streets. Customers can use it to make clearer public announcements and to record high quality audio, such as during police interviews.


Find out more

To find out more about our latest product release, download the full launch PDF