Seguimos aprendiendo su idioma

Estamos trabajando para que todas las páginas de estén disponibles en tantos idiomas como sea posible. Aun así, este proceso lleva tiempo. Muchas de nuestras funciones están en varios idiomas. Sin embargo, algunas páginas, como esta, aún no están disponibles en su idioma.
Muchas gracias por su comprensión.



What's new in Tech Support?

Read our recommended knowledge base articles and hotfixes, sign up for webinars and get familiar with our Tech Support policy and Care Premium support.

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Get the new XProtect VMS Deployment Best Practice Guide

Improve on-the-job performance with this practical guide on how to best deploy XProtect VMS.

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Soko Aoki from Tokyo wins Milestone's Community Kickstarter Contest 2018

Integrating XProtect with 360-degree enabled cameras idea awarded USD 65,000 in prizes.

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Protect privacy without compromising security

With GDPR approaching, ensure that business is video-protected while making sure sensitive, identifying information is masked and can be viewed by authorized users only.

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More options and easier installation with the Milestone System Builder Program

Hardware and infrastructure vendors can soon build hardware with pre-installed XProtect® VMS software via our existing sales channel. As a Milestone Partner, you will...

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