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Our Milestone Husky NVRs are about to take a big step forward

jueves, 12 abril 2018

Our Milestone Husky NVRs have always been built to perform optimally with our XProtect VMS. Right now, we are working on making our range of NVRs even more flexible, scalable and responsive to the ever-changing business needs in the market. We are amping up and fine tuning our hardware offering to give you even better pre-bundled options to choose from.

We know that NVR buyers have projects in many shapes and sizes and that users need flexibility within their budget restraints. We are designing for the future and will be providing an even stronger Husky product portfolio offering.

Here’s what to expect from the coming additions to our Husky range:


Unlock the full potential of XProtect VMS software

Expect remarkable performance and low TCO: The XProtect-optimized hardware designs will make our upcoming NVR units excel in their respective market categories. They will of course make use of hardware decoding for performance optimization and reduced TCO.


Get unparallelled flexibility

As our planned products allow you to freely select the XProtect VMS software version that meets your needs and also dimension the internal storage capacity to match required video retention time, there is bound to be a version of our units that fit your specific needs. All our upcoming Husky NVRs are of course compatible with Milestone Federated Architecture™ and Milestone Interconnect™


Use the new Husky NVR in an array of ways to optimize cost and functional capabilities 

Different installations and customers have different needs. Our upcoming Husky NVRs work as standalone NVR units or in centrally managed multi-unit installations. You can also use it as a recording server in an existing XProtect VMS installation as well as mix match different unit variants in the same installation, to meet different capacity and budget requirements. 

Stay tuned for more information about our planned additions to the Milestone Husky range.