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Important pre-notification on supported Microsoft Windows operating systems

martes, 31 julio 2018

Autor: Line Byssing

Product News

Pre-announcement of end-of-support for Microsoft Windows 7

All backend Servers and Management Client

Please be informed that from the next product update, also referred to as 2018 R3, Milestone XProtect VMS will no longer support Windows 7 on all Backend Servers and the Management Client.

The 2018 R3 version is expected to be released to the market in October 2018.

This pre-announcement affects all XProtect VMS products, including the free version XProtect Essential+.


XProtect Smart Client

Please also note that, the XProtect Smart Client will continue supporting Windows 7 until the 2019 R2 release, currently planned to be released to the market early summer 2019.


Why are we discontinuing the support of Windows 7?

In a world where customers are connecting more cameras than ever before, more processing resources (hardware) are required. Introduced in the last product update 2018 R2, hardware acceleration is designed to do exactly that; provide the user with more processing power, by shifting the processing power required for decoding the video from the CPU to the GPU and thereby allowing XProtect to utilize external GPUs for decoding video. It is another step forward in delivering higher performance at a lower cost and making sure your system operates to its maximum potential.


We want to ensure our customers can always benefit from the latest technology from Milestone, and since utilization of hardware acceleration is not supported by Windows 7, we will remove support for Windows 7 following the timeline described above.


Additional information concerning Windows 8.0

For security reasons the .NET Framework was updated to version 4.7 in the latest product update 2018 R2.

Since the .NET Framework 4.7 is not supported in Windows 8.0, it means that XProtect 2018 R2 and later versions, does not support Windows 8.0.


For more information on system requirements, please click here: