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access control security

The benefits of


Access Control is a system designed to allow companies to stay in charge of their security. With selective access, building access systems allow your premises to appear welcoming while offering maximum protection outside threats and from internal challenges such as shrinkage.

An access control system proactively monitors, manages access and secures multiple of points of entry and exit in real-time, for individuals, vehicles and materials, all from a single location. Door control links to many supporting systems including video and offers full documentation.

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Real-time protection for both property and employees. By combining video technology with expert access control solutions, you can stay in charge of your company’s security.
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Milestone Marketplace hosts a community of software and hardware partners who offer technologies that can provide access control solutions. Find customized solutions for your needs.
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Milestone Marketplace is created by Milestone Systems, the world’s leading provider of Video Management Solutions (VMS). All software and hardware promoted have received verification to be optimized for Milestones video management software XProtect ® so you can collect video and use it intelligently to solve challenges.
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Discover how your needs can benefit from the latest technology innovation and connect with the right people and documentation. Milestone Marketplace offers an intuitive structure for connecting and forging relationships and providing you with a battery of verified smart software and hardware to build upon.
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Access Control

Building Access Systems can increase productivity and is particularly suitable for compliance. It may be structured to be automatic or to utilize a controller. It may offer free flow of traffic or require documentation by utilizing a system uses of tamper-proof credentials. They may be physical or digital, using key cards, pin cards or biometric scanners. Access codes via smart phone are also used. Most frequently, key or access cards are used to authenticate identity, especially for apartment security systems. Access Control may be supported by alarms and video surveillance. The more levels involved, the greater the management opportunities.

By linking to video, a door control system can offer two-factor verification. Access control operators can verify the identities of people and things, tag events and allow or deny entry or exit in real time, adjusting access moment to moment in response to strategy or emergency. By tracking entries and exits, it is also possible to reduce heating or cooling costs when areas become unoccupied.

Door control can simplify flow, reduce costs and liability, manage staff changes and provide ongoing actionable intelligence while reducing security staff. Searchable and stored data reports that are admissible in court, can aid post-incident investigation.

Access Control may also access radio frequency identification (RFID tags) used most typically for supporting wildlife research and protection. The system may be linked to numerous technologies including Identity Management, Visitor Management, Intrusion and alarm panels, Biometrics (fingerprint, retina scan, etc.), Facial Recognition, Elevator Control, Mustering (person location in emergencies), Security Patrol Tracking, License Plate Recognition (LPR).
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Real-time protection for both property and employees.
By combining video management software with expert access control technology, you can stay in charge of your company’s security.
Find customized solutions for your needs
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2N IP Access Control Integration to XProtect®

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