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The countdown to MIPS 2021 is on

febrero 09, 2021
MIPS will be back in March with the theme “Shaping the New Next”. Even by the lofty standards set by previous years, MIPS 2021 is set to be something special – in fact, more than 2,000 people have already registered.

MIPS 2021 takes place on March 1-3 and participation is free.

Back with a bang and a new format
The Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) has a come a long way since its US debut with just 20 attendees. It has since become a global phenomenon with regional events being held in EMEA, APAC and the Americas.

But then came Covid-19.

And we had to weigh up whether to cancel MIPS 2021 as so many other companies were doing with their events. But it quickly became clear that the value of MIPS for the Milestone Community is just too tangible to press pause on 2021. So, instead, we’re keeping all three regional events and have made them 100% virtual.

MIPS will be on March 1-2 for EMEA, and March 2-3 for APAC and the Americas. The event is only two and half hours on the first day, and three on the second. It’s the most value-packed event you will get to this year – and it’s even free to attend.
Shaping the New Next
Video technology is transforming how we work and live — far beyond the realms of security and surveillance. At MIPS 2021, we’ll be exploring the possibilities and sharing insights into how Milestone and our partners are empowering people to make the most of video technology.

Here’s a quick teaser setting the tone for what you can expect from MIPS 2021.
Two days, one action-packed agenda
So, what it’s store for MIPS 2021 attendees?

We have quite the exciting and diverse line-up for you. It will balance insightful keynotes, Milestone roadmap news, industry-specific panels and presentations, partner case stories and even a new product launch.

Here is just a sample:
Future-focused keynotes
In the spirit of the theme, you can expect some pretty eye-popping insights and predictions from our keynote speakers. Milestone’s own CSMO Kenneth Hune Petersen, will be presenting “The New Next”. Video technology, he contends, is the electricity of the 21st century and he will elaborate on how the Milestone Community can act on the exciting new opportunities it brings.

Later in the day our special guest speaker Peter Hinssen will present “Thriving in the Never Normal”. In a world where business is conducted at the speed of networks, he’ll outline the keys to success and survival, with examples from companies already on the right path.
Meet our new CEO
Thomas Jensen joined Milestone in October and we know you would really like to hear his vision for Milestone. Here is your chance. In an interview with event host, television personality Ulla Essendrop, Thomas will discuss developments within the industry and the meaning for Milestone. He’s indicated he will also share thoughts on our channel approach channels and forging even closer partnerships.
Tracks on how video is transforming Retail, Cities and Transportation
Day 2 will be dedicated to some unmissable deep dives into the use of video beyond security in these key industries. By “tracks” we mean that each session you attend will be accompanied by a series of additional on-demand sessions that you can delve into afterwards – this MIPS is the event that will keep on giving.
The million-dollar question: On-premises, Hybrid or Cloud?
We’re at a bit of a deployment cross-roads at the moment. We need to be embracing cloud deployment, but on-prem is hardly going to fade away overnight. So how do you ensure you’re setting your customers on the right path for both their immediate needs and their future? This Day 2 track will give you plenty of insights to work with.
Your regional VP has something to share
Each regional MIPS will include a session where the local Milestone VP will speak on the challenges, opportunities and initiatives that are most relevant to EMEA, APAC and the Americas.

And much, much more…
See you there?
So far there have been more than 3,000 registrations. It seems the virtual format has only broadened the appeal of MIPS to our global community and others. If you work with video technology this is the event you don’t want to miss.

Video is already changing the world, and this event will help clarify the leadership role that Milestone, our community, and the broader industry can play – if we act together now.

We hope so see you there.


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