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Contract Product Overview


Distribution Restrictions

The following products and services can be sold by all resellers:


 XProtect® Express Series

 XProtect®  Professional Series

 XProtect® Enterprise

XProtect® Access

XProtect® Access Control Module

XProtect® Transact

XProtect® LPR 

Milestone Honeywell Galaxy Integration

Milestone Husky™ X2

Milestone Husky™ X8

Milestone Professional Services*

Milestone Care™


The following products can only be sold by resellers who have completed the Milestone Certified Design Enginneer (MCDE) certification, the Milestone Certified Integration Technician (MCIT) certification, and when approved the Milestone Channel Business Manager:

XProtect® Expert
XProtect® Corporate
XProtect® Smart Wall
XProtect® Retail


*)Please note that the separate Milestone Professional Services addendum must be signed for resellers to offer Milestone Professional Services.

Special Distribution Restriction Related to Milestone Husky NVRs

Distribution of the Milestone Husky NVRs is conditioned by acceptance and signing of the Milestone Distribution Partner addendum for distributors. The Milestone Husky NVRs may be sold by any reseller subject to the restriction above, and the geographical restrictions agreed with Milestone.