CentinelAccess by Trafic Transport Sûreté (TTS)


This distinction indicates that the solution has been certified with the Milestone XProtect Platform. The certification focuses on testing the solution's functionality, performance impact and usability.

Compatible products
XProtect Essential+ nicht unterstützt XProtect
XProtect Express unterstützt XProtect
XProtect Express+ nicht unterstützt XProtect
XProtect Professional unterstützt XProtect
XProtect Professional+ nicht unterstützt XProtect
XProtect Enterprise unterstützt XProtect
XProtect Expert unterstützt XProtect
XProtect Corporate unterstützt XProtect
Husky M20 nicht unterstützt Husky
Husky M30 nicht unterstützt Husky
Husky M50 nicht unterstützt Husky
Husky M500A nicht unterstützt Husky
Husky M550A nicht unterstützt Husky


CentinelAccess: a full Plug & Play access control integration developed by Trafic Transport Sûreté (TTS) for enhanced open platform VMS.  Customers will be able to easily and successfully integrate access control functionalities regardless of AC system.

Technical service:

  • Access Control: Multi manufacturers
  • Alarms: IO and NFA2P Intrusion

Control center functional services:

  • Access Control: Milestone standards
  • Alarms: Integration of icons with an iconography resulting from several alarm states : ALIVE or not and ACKNOWLEDGE or not

4 states management: alarm OFF/ON, shortcut and temper

 Key Features

  • Agility & Efficiency with user friendly interface: modular client/server based infrastructure, open database connectivity, custom plug development accessibility, customizable graphical UI, script engine, gateway web service, Windows Active Directory authentication enabled, available in SaaS mode.

  • AC devices/controllers generic integration: Quick site integration (added on league readers/units network or created from scratch). Large number of constructors are supported (Vauban, Simons Voss, Suprema, DDS, Salto, HID, Morpho, Intrepid, Bosh…) allowing melted configuration for various ecosystem solutions (with RFID, QR Code, or Biometrics enabled devices) multi-sites/companies management (up to 128).

  • AC events/state monitoring and control: real time access point events monitoring with refreshed AC events list including associated cardholder profiles. Current Door’s states (opened closed) reflected to corresponding icons map. Request access notification management (allowing visual control and rule commands automation). Execute (state transition) actions, for example: ‘force locked’ or ‘force unlocked’ for given door with anti-pass back/time back, doubt removal, crisis management, elevator floor control access and car license plate recognition. Cardholders / visitors personalization enrollment and real time traffic counting.

  • AC events/video correlated archiving: Possibility to (re)view videos with associated AC events. History entries log linked with cardholder’s profile. Generate accurate tracking reports for given cardholder.

  • Interactive alarms management: Units state (alarm OFF, alarm ON, acknowledged, or not) of graphically reported areas on map viewer. Notification by icons of state changes. Alarm type selection and event/alarm management.

  • Intrusion control and detection systems: During non-attendance in critical areas or visual doubt, operators can make it secure by putting intrusion detection system on-line (and putting back off-line) via one contextual menu through the related icon map.

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Zuletzt aktualisiert: Okt 01 2015

Integrationskompatibilität XProtect® Express 2014
XProtect® Professional 2014
XProtect® Expert 2014
XProtect® Corporate 2014
XProtect® Enterprise 2014

Software Integrations developed via MIP SDK are onwards and backwards compatible. Yet, should you still like to verify a specific integration compatibility with XProtect or Husky not listed here, contact a partner directly.

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Trafic Transport Sûreté (TTS) is a security software integrator specialized in Access Control, CCTV and intrusion.
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