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eLearn to prepare for our new products

Montag, 8 Mai 2017

Verfasser: Toyah Hunting


The 2017 R2: Getting Started with XProtect® VMS Products Training Track is recommended for field technicians that want to install and configure a single-site, low-to-moderate complexity solution with the newly announced XProtect VMS Products—XProtect® Express+ and XProtect® Professional+.

This Training Track is also applicable for technicians who are new to XProtect® Expert and XProtect® Corporate.

  1. Getting Started with XProtect® VMS
  2. Navigating the XProtect VMS Management Client
  3. Adding Cameras and Device Groups in XProtect® VMS Products
  4. Exploring XProtect® VMS System Architecture and Communication
  5. Moving Hardware Devices

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