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Milestone Certifies Spectra Logic’s Verde DPE™, Enterprise NAS

Dienstag, 26 Januar 2016

Verfasser: Kimberly Sallingboe

Solution Certification

In an environment of increasing camera resolutions, higher frame rates and longer retention requirements, customers are placing higher demands on video archiving capabilities in their video surveillance systems. These trends make the latest Milestone solution certification with Spectra Logic an interesting option for your customers who are in need of robust video retention.

The Milestone Certification Team recently certified Verde DPE, Spectra Logic’s new Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR)-based NAS disk platform, as a long-term video retention storage solution for the Milestone XProtect® archive database.

A Milestone first

Verde DPE is the first SMR-based, high performance disk solution to be validated through our Certified Solution Program. During tests, the disk solution exceeded benchmark values by a factor of two within the documented test parameters. For our partners looking for a storage solution compatible with Milestone XProtect, this integration offers several advantages over traditional white box storage:

  • It is designed specifically for IP video surveillance applications.

  • It provides the lowest cost for retaining terabytes of IP video on the market.

  • It integrates easily with our XProtect software with a documented installation time of under 30 minutes.
  • It offers multiple layers of protection, ensuring the customer’s video is preserved.

If you have questions regarding this solution, please contact the Milestone Solution Partner team.

Why choose a certified solution?

Certified solutions enable you to propose technology with confidence. Since these solutions have been thoroughly tested and vetted by Milestone engineers, you can recommend them to your customers, secure in the knowledge that the solution will be compatible with their XProtect-based installation.

Read more about the Certified Solution here