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Create safer, more efficient hospitals

Deliver high-quality patient care, safeguard facilities and staff and drive efficiencies in your hospital with reliable video technology.


Create safer, more efficient hospitals

Deliver high-quality patient care, safeguard facilities and staff and drive efficiencies in your hospital with reliable video technology.

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Let’s optimize hospital security and patient care 

Hospitals are places we go to get better: to feel safe and looked after. The staff works at all hours to ensure the best outcomes for patients. But that’s only possible if it’s built on a foundation of patient and staff safety.

Our proven video management software (VMS) can help you stay protected, no matter how large and complex your hospital is. XProtect is always on, always analyzing and always ready to sound an alarm if anything needs your attention. All in just one connected and easy-to-use system. 

XProtect® — A complete solution meeting multiple needs 

Safeguard your hospital facility, patients, staff and medical equipment with XProtect VMS and empower your nursing team to provide high-quality patient care with XProtect® Hospital Assist.  

Secure your hospital

Protect your patients, staff, prescription drugs, medical equipment and much more with XProtect.

Improve patient care

Increase staff efficiency, react to incidents rapidly and provide high-quality patient care with XProtect Hospital Assist.

Customer story

Discover how Milestone's video technology helps Massachusetts General Hospital uphold the highest level of security and maintain operational flow. 

Your hospital’s challenges solved with video technology

XProtect® VMS 

XProtect® Hospital Assist

XProtect® Access

XProtect® Rapid REVIEW 

XProtect® License Plate Recognition

Secure your hospital

With XProtect’s open platform software as the foundation of your video solution you get the freedom to build the entire system to meet your hospital’s needs — today and tomorrow.

Hospitals are vast and varied facilities with multiple access points and high-traffic areas. From the parking lot to the operating room, it’s essential to ensure calm, secure environments.

Protect your patients, staff, prescription drugs, medical equipment and much more with our proven video technology platform that allows you to reduce security and safety incidents in your hospital. From deterring aggression towards nursing staff, to preventing blocked helipads or emergency room entrances, and limiting access to restricted areas, XProtect VMS is the scalable solution for you.

Improve patient care

Your hospital may already have cameras for securing the premises. But you can use your video system for a lot more.

XProtect Hospital Assist allows your nursing staff to observe multiple patients at once while protecting patient privacy, minimizing unnecessary patient room visits and providing the ability to make the best use of staff resources. So your medical staff has the time to focus on other forms of hands-on patient care.

Limit access to medical assets

With thousands of people using hospitals daily, medicines and pharmaceutical products need to be protected from misuse by unauthorized people.

Connect your access control system with live video and real-time access request notifications, allowing your security team to manage staff and public access in restricted areas and be alerted to breaches. As well as benefiting from two-factor verification, access control operators can verify people’s identities, tag events, and allow or deny entry or exit in real time. 

Accelerate investigations

Security operators are the eyes and ears of the hospital. When an incident occurs, they often need to provide the answer and video evidence — immediately.

Locating the specific video sequence can be time-consuming but XProtect Rapid REVIEW allows security teams to quickly review and analyze forensic video content to find what they are looking for, fast.

Deter incidents in parking areas

Use license plate recognition (LPR) software to help manage your hospital’s parking lots by automatically controlling access to protected areas.

You can compare recognized number plates with pre-defined lists and allow or deny access, or even manage your hospital’s parking transactions. LPR can also be used to help with documenting incidents rapidly for post-event evidence.   

Get the Milestone advantage

You can be confident in Milestone’s video technology, which is proven in hospital sites worldwide - as
well as our global support and partner networks. 

Open platform
Limitlessly integrate functionality from our network of technology partner solutions and add additional value to your system. 
Future-proof system 
Get the freedom to scale up your system with our seamless license model that allows adding more devices and servers when it’s time to expand.    
Easy onboarding 
Use your staff where they are needed, not in long training sessions. Customized materials designed for medical staff make the onboarding process smooth.   
Connect any camera  
With support for more than 13,000 cameras and devices, you can choose the ones that suit your needs and budget.  
Stay cybersecure 
Tiered administrator and user rights, as well as strict IT security procedures, are just two reasons why XProtect is the right fit for hospitals with a focus on cybersecurity. 


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