Vi er stadig i gang med at lære dit sprog at kende

Vi arbejder hårdt på at gøre alle siderne på tilgængelige på så mange sprog som muligt. Men denne proces tager tid. Selvom alle ​​vores funktioner er flersprogede. Så vil der være nogen sider, som denne, der endnu ikke er tilgængelig på dit sprog.
Tak for din forståelse.


Digital signage


Keep passengers well-informed

Provide key information on digital monitors
Integrate all your data sources and use digital signage to inform in real-time and control what will be presented on a certain display. This means that you will be able to direct people to the correct areas for travel, or to automatically alert personnel.
Remind passengers of safety regulations
Keeping passengers well informed is crucial to infection control in crowded stations. A video management system can be programmed to react automatically with cues such as speaker notifications every time there is a breach of guidelines or other relevant service information.
Optimize staff time and focus
Video-based signage helps to free up personnel from the massive task of monitoring and directing large crowds on foot. Ensuring that everyone is clear on mask rules, service announcements and passageways also allows personnel to focus on other critical tasks.

Digital signage in practice


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