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XProtect® Retail

Transaction analysis

XProtect Retail is an investigation tool to optimize store operations and increase profit by identifying fraud and reducing shrinkage.

XProtect Retail is an investigation tool for performing advanced transaction data analysis. It helps retailers optimize store operations and increase profit by identifying fraud and reducing shrinkage.

Based on transaction data from point-of-sale (POS) systems or automated teller machines (ATMs) typically gathered in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs), XProtect Retail links data with corresponding video from relevant cameras. Advanced search options, full video documentation and a set of pre-defined performance indicators make it easy to maintain a complete overview of store operations, cash registers/tills and employees so retailers can protect the entire business and customers.

XProtect Retail key features

POS and ERP systems

How can I more efficiently monitor video cameras and receipts to identify fraud?

Using XProtect Retail, video sequences can be linked with receipt and transaction data gathered from the POS system, ERP system or ATMs. XProtect Retail helps reduce fraud by identifying and sending alerts about suspicious activity such as misuse of gift cards, discounts and refunds or blacklisted credit cards.



Did the customer scan and pay for every item?

Self-scanning is becoming increasingly popular. With XProtect Retail you can view transaction data alongside corresponding video of the transaction together in the software. Incidents can be efficiently tracked and video data can be exported and handed over to the proper authorities.


Discovery of fraud patterns

Was a transaction an error or a pattern of fraud?

With XProtect Retail, users can search transaction and video data from specific cash registers/tills to see if an incident was an anomaly, frequently repeated or even an attempt at systematic fraud.

XProtect Retail compatibility chart

XProtect Add-onAdd-on descriptionXProtect
Professional &
Express series
Corporate & Expert
XProtect Retail
An investigation tool for performing advanced transaction data analysis.   

Note: Husky X series NVRs are compatible with XProtect Retail, but subject to the specific XProtect VMS product being used.

Exact functionality of Retail is determined by the specific XProtect VMS product used and the specific access control product used.

How to buy XProtect Retail

Buy XProtect Retail for your XProtect software or if you aren't currently using XProtect, you can buy XProtect Retail along with XProtect software. After submitting your information you will be contacted by a Milestone reseller.

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