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New Milestone CTO on the future

tirsdag, 1 november 2016

Forfatter: Toyah Hunting

Company News

In October, we announced Bjørn Skou Eilertsen’s new role as Milestone’s Chief Technology Officer.

As CTO, Eilertsen will drive technology strategy with focus on further tuning products and service offerings to meet the future needs of the Milestone community.

“Bjørn is the perfect fit to lead our technology and product groups though this transition. At heart, he is a true technologist and also a proven strategist and general manager with extraordinary vision and operational expertise. His unique experience and proven ability to effectively collaborate across the company and the fast growing Milestone community will serve us well,” said Lars Thinggaard, President & CEO, Milestone Systems.

"I am thrilled to take the lead with the Product Group in working across boundaries between the company and the community. My goal is to accelerate innovation on the Milestone technology platform in collaboration with partners,” commented Eilertsen.

Eilertsen joined Milestone in 2013 as Vice President for the Corporate Business Unit. He has been a determined leader in building Milestone’s advanced solutions into strong products with compelling advantages for our customers. Eilertsen takes over from Milestone’s previous co-founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO), John Blem; the visionary architect and father of Milestone’s open technology platform. 

On his approach to/what he intends to do for Milestone distributors and resellers, Eilertsen says: “By balancing the market requirements of distributors, resellers and end-customers, I aim at enabling the full open community to realize the benefits of video enabling any scenario from surveillance to optimizing business.  Further, I will ensure that Milestone take full advantage of both current and future technologies to ensure Milestone distributors, resellers and end-customers are continuously futureproofed and safe with the open Milestone video technology platform.”

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