Vi er stadig i gang med at lære dit sprog at kende

Vi arbejder hårdt på at gøre alle siderne på tilgængelige på så mange sprog som muligt. Men denne proces tager tid. Selvom alle ​​vores funktioner er flersprogede. Så vil der være nogen sider, som denne, der endnu ikke er tilgængelig på dit sprog.
Tak for din forståelse.


What is your background?
My professional career began in 2013 when I started working as a freelance software developer while I was still studying in university. In 2015, I received my M.S. in computer engineering. In 2016, I partnered up with Jean Wehbe and co-founded Veertec, a video analytics company, as its CTO. Following that, and in the same year, we also co-founded Soffa (, a Veertec sister firm that provides smart parking solutions

How long have you worked in collaboration with Milestone?
I have been working with Milestone since 2016, when the R2 SDK was released.

What excites you the most about being a Dev Champion?
The chance to assist others in developing useful and valuable applications on the Milestone Open Platform

Who is the real Champion in your life?
That would have to be my father.

What is your favorite programming language?
C#, because the majority of my work experience has been programming using it.

What is your dream superpower?
Mind Reading. I am always curious to find out the difference between thoughts and actions.

A message that you would like to share with the community:
Always keep pushing the boundaries of your Limitless capabilities.

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