Milestone’s Community Kickstarter 2021

Get to know the Kickstarter 2021 Winner -  3VisionD

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Raluca Dediu
Junior Product Marketing Manager 
April 28, 2021
In March we held our first-ever virtual Milestone’s Community Kickstarter finale. The race was tight but in the end, our 2021 winner was 3VisionD. Its CTO, Hrvoje Bilic presented a unique idea and delivered an awesome pitch that managed to impress the Milestone Jury and the MIPS participants with its innovativeness and creativity.

We decided to get in touch with Hrvoje to find out more about him and the winning project, Visual Sensor.
Hey Hrvoje, we will start with an easy question. When you were a child what did you want to become when you grew up?
I wanted to be an electrical engineer. I was always fascinated by the physics of electricity.
And what is your job now?
 I am CTO and co-owner of 3visionD, where  I am designing the products that implement our vision technology.
You are the winner of our 2021 Kickstarter Contest, could you tell us a bit more about your winning idea?
 In a nutshell, it is a simple technology that uses video cameras as visual sensors. By using the cameras, the physical parameters and camera mounting data, Latitude and Longitude coordinates are extracted for every moving object in the camera video stream. These coordinates are used for the automatic direction of PTZ cameras with automatic zoom control.
What do you think makes your solution unique?
What differentiates our technology from other vision systems is the fact that we are using any camera, at any position to control one or more PTZ cameras. We can also use any number of cameras to control any number of PTZ cameras. For example, one supervised site can have any number of different cameras and any number of PTZ cameras.

We will extract moving objects’ position data from all cameras on-site and display them on one map. Using this position data, we will direct PTZ cameras according to user criteria.

Another strong point of our technology is the ability for high precision control of PT Thermal cameras. So, when a thermal camera is added to a site, a basis for fully automated, error-free, video surveillance is created. A movement will be detected by video sensors and the PTZ camera will be directed for a close-up capture. Then the thermal camera will also be directed for the thermal image. Moving object path, video image analysis, and thermal image analysis will result in error-free intruder detection.
What are you most excited about in the upcoming future in terms of your professional life?
I am really excited to work on the implementation of our technology in Milestone XProtect. Together with software developers and the team from Milestone, I am really looking forward to developing the XProtect 3visionD Plugin.
Thank you Hrvoje and well done! Stay tuned Kickstarter 2022 will open soon!
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