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MIP SDK Templates in Visual Studio

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Hans Kierulff

Developer Advocate

February 25, 2021
We just released the MIP SDK Templates on Visual Studio Marketplace. This means that from now on, you can use more modern and familiar ways of working with the whole MIP SDK. This includes installing the MIP SDK Templates from Visual Studio Marketplace, which we will describe in this article.
The MIP SDK Templates are as always there to help you get started with building MIP solutions, such as:
  • Access Control Solution
  • Driver Solution
  • Component Solution
  • Plugin Solution
  • Search Solution
Install the new MIP SDK Templates

To get all the MIP SDK Templates in one download package on Visual Studio Marketplace click here 

This is essentially a publication of the Templates you get installed in Visual Studio when you download and run the 2020R3 MIP SDK Installer from the Milestone MIP SDK Download page. Not,e however, that the new Templates utilize the recently published MIP SDK NuGet packages (instead of the traditionally downloaded/installed assemblies).

To install the MIP SDK Templates, you can access them in one of two ways:

1. By browsing to the above link and download and install the package. See picture below:

2. By installing the Templates from within Visual Studio. This is done by first selecting: Extensions / Manage Extensions, and then searching for MIP SDK templates, and choosing Download. Underneath you can see two snippets from Visual Studio 2019:
Please note that the install process in Visual Studio 2019 won’t begin until all Microsoft Visual Studio windows are closed:
Use the new MIP Templates
Once these steps were followed, you are ready to get started! To create one of the above-mentioned solutions, you create a new project (File / New / Project…), then search for the MIP SDK Templates, and chose the Template that matches what you want to build. See underneath:
Please note, that in the above screenshot, the “classic” templates are still installed (which might also be your case).
The new MIP SDK Templates are recognizable by the blue Milestone “diamond”. 

NuGet PackageReferences

The created project utilizes PackageReferences to reference the MIP VideoOS. assemblies on NuGet. Read more here NuGet PackageReference format (package references in project files) | Microsoft Docs (and note that when you create your own projects, they’ll probably default to packages.config, as it is .NET Framework projects).

When you build the project, the reference node becomes populated with the PackageReferences:

Now, the solution is templated, and you can complete it!

As of February 2021:
  • MIP SDK .NET Framework binaries are publicly available at NuGet
  • MIP SDK Samples are publicly available at GitHub
  • You can hence work with the MIP SDK without downloading and running the classic MIP SDK Installer. While this is true, there is a few tools that are still only available in the traditional MIP SDK installer, like StableFPS, MDepend and Tray Tool. These tools will later get packaged in separate installers.
  • The “classic” MIP SDK installer will be discontinued at a later time.
  • The MIP Mobile SDK will later be published on relevant public distribution platforms in a similar fashion
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