Create Holistic and Cost-efficient Solutions With Centralized Security Management

April 11, 2022

Nowadays, the market offers a multitude of systems providing a mass of information. Whether from security management, building automation, communication technology, IoT or data mining, it can be hard to track. Unified system control via one user interface is the only logical solution.

A vendor-neutral Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platform consolidates information from all connected systems and prepares it for easier processing. PSIMs offer a holistic and cost-efficient integration solution that manage CCTV, access control, fire alarm, HVAC or communication systems, and central data management.

Guided workflows (SOPs) support the user in event processing and lead them through the required actions for a quick and secure resolution of the situation.

Free choice of technical installations and automatic system interactions

The PSIM platform WinGuard from Advancis is independent of installed technical systems, making it open and vendor neutral.

WinGuard integrates systems of any brand via manufacturer-specific interfaces. This means the system integrator and end user are free to decide which technical systems and products they prefer to deploy, without being affected by future replacements, system upgrades or the renewal of existing hardware.

In case of an event or alarm, all systems connected to WinGuard interact automatically to resolve the situation. For example, in case of a fire alarm the CCTV cameras in the affected area are displayed to the control center operator while doors are automatically closed, lights are switched on, and a loudspeaker evacuation announcement is issued among other possible measures.

WinGuard facilitates daily operation & maintenance tasks

Comprehensive projects often require numerous resources to create effective control operations at technical systems, such as arming/disarming fire detectors during maintenance.

Using the module “Control Operations”, end users can register planned control operations to the control center for approval via a web form. The approved operations will be automated and executed on schedule. The process is digitized, and the target state of the detectors is monitored to avoid any unnoticed changes made by third parties directly at the systems during the defined period. The approval as well as the current detector state can be viewed by the applicant.

The module serves to reduce false alarms and secure detection of hazardous situations, which in turn reduce costs and resources and contribute to an effective process chain.

Open integration is the future

The scope of security and building management technology will only continue to increase. This will in turn lead to a further increase in the amount of information and data that needs to be processed. Only by using an open PSIM platform that integrates a wide range of technical systems and prepares the received data for further processing, is it possible to manage the mass of available data and concentrate on the important information.

The value of technology partnerships

Advancis has launched a Technology Partner Program to aid the development and maintenance of interfaces while transferring the added value of upgraded systems into WinGuard. Closer collaboration with system manufacturers significantly improves integration quality.

The detailed information exchange enables both parties to offer joint solutions as well as a higher quality of service. Advancis also ensures that interface drivers are always kept up to date as they are informed about software update cycles in due time. A perfect example is the technology partnership between Milestone and Advancis, and the full integration of Milestone’s video management solution in WinGuard.
XProtect® and WinGuard are closely integrated for real-time event synchronization and live display of all connected camera streams, archived recording playback, metadata use, camera PTZ control, and video sequence exporting directly from the WinGuard user interface.

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