Introducing IronYun’s Vaidio AI vision platform

The Vaidio AI Vision Platform delivers next-generation artificial intelligence to monitor and analyze real-time and recorded video.

Vaidio enables operators to achieve greater operational efficiencies through faster processing and alerts, as well as more analytics per stream. The upshot is lower costs and a more efficient use of resources.

Ideal for security

Vaidio’s artificial intelligence (AI) engines have evolved over multiple generations to enhance security and safety over competitive alternatives.

The main applications include real-time intrusion detection, license plate and facial recognition-based access control, video search for forensic investigation, and dozens of specialized AI video analytics. The specialized analytics options include PPE detection, smoke and fire detection, weapon detection, people and vehicle counting, distancing, occupancy, fall, fight, emotion detection, and more.

Vaidio protects sites and areas from unauthorized access, allows for rapid video search on past events, and increases perimeter security while reducing false positives by up to 99.995%.

Multiple safety applications

End-to-end Vaidio solutions can help to ensure worker safety through a variety of functions. These include the monitoring of safety procedures such as correct protective personal equipment, directional movement, speaking on cell phones in restricted areas, observing the correct distances to vehicles and machinery, and detecting falls.

Vaidio’s real-time safety monitoring can also integrate IoT devices and sensors to detect abnormal humidity, CO2, gas, oil spills, the sound of gunshots, and more. Vaidio AI Vision is ideal for schools, airports, hospitals, manufacturers and public access areas.

Additionally, several Vaidio functions can be employed for Covid-19 mitigation including social distancing, temperature, face mask, and occupancy detection.

Streamlines operations

Vaidio adds a layer of superhuman intelligence to existing camera and video infrastructures.

It supports traffic monitoring (vehicle counting, people counting, wrong direction, illegal parking), and automated access control based on facial-recognition, ID verification, and license plate recognition to restrict access based on pre-configured databases.

Vaidio can also improve event, manufacturing, visitor management, retail and hospital operations by automating security, safety and operational video-based data gathering. Typically, it requires 50% fewer hardware resources than competitive alternatives, which lowers total solution costs.

Integration with XProtect®

Using highly-evolved AI deep learning algorithms, the Vaidio-XProtect integration aims to help end-users achieve a streamlined video analytics and event monitoring solutions — characterized by high accuracy, zero false alarms and high sensitivity. Vaidio obtains the video streams directly from the cameras or XProtect. Any Vaidio alert can trigger a custom event and corresponding alarm in the XProtect NVR. Alarms include alarm type, camera source, and an image of the alarm scene.

World-class accuracy in all environments

Accuracy is paramount when evaluating AI video analytics for any safety, security or operational application.

Vaidio is extremely accurate in real-world scenarios. Vaidio AI vision is able to work at long distance, under real-world conditions, while filtering out false alarms due to animals, darkness, leaves, rain, reflections, shadows, etc.

The AI-enabled intrusion detection, license-plate and facial-recognition based access control, as well as the intelligent condition-based alerts can make any building or campus safer, more secure, and more efficient, reducing false alarms by up to 99.995%.

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