Do your customers have a false sense of (cyber)security?

Cyber threats are a business reality. It is no longer a question of whether a company will be targeted or not; it’s just a matter of when it will be targeted. Unfortunately, cybersecurity is seen as an IT problem and tends to fall off the business radar — until it’s too late. Meanwhile, malicious attacks are growing in their frequency and sophistication.

In fact, the Allianz Risk Barometer now puts cyber “perils” as the number one risk to companies in 2022. This comes as little surprise when you consider that the frequency of cyberattacks rose by 50% last year according to research by Check Point Software Technologies.

How cybercrime has evolved over the years

Today’s cybercriminals are bona fide professionals motivated by financial gain and often working under the aegis of organized criminal groups, radical political parties, even rogue nations. They are extremely skilled, have far better resources and are well-funded. Firewalls, antivirus software and content filtering measures won’t be a deterrent to them.

Cyber breaches hit hard

A security breach can result in business-critical information being lost or stolen, leading to grave economic consequences. It can also leave a company’s reputation in tatters. Even the threat of such a malicious attack is an extra burden. No manager needs this additional stress and worry.

To add to the problem, a lot of cyberattacks are accidentally invited in. Employees opening attachments and phish mails among other innocent mistakes account for up to 88% of data breach incidents.

With so much at risk, both you and our customers need an expert watch dog that knows cybersecurity and is monitoring 24/7. We also ensure you will have an ongoing awareness of current cyber threats and how to mitigate them as early as possible to reduce or prevent damage.

Prevention is better than cure

Working with Milestone, you can take the weight of your customers’ shoulders and free them to focus on other matters.

Our technology protects system integrity from cyberattacks, ensures secure end-to-end handling of exported forensic material, gives secure access for web and mobile users, and delivers secure integration of third-party applications and systems.

You can also count on the fact that our products have been internally and externally tested by independent companies. Their security is guaranteed by tiered administrator and user rights, combined with strict IT security procedures.

Stay on top of threats and developments

When issues to occur, early detection is key. The Milestone Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) monitors 24/7. Adhering to the highest standards of disclosure and vulnerability mitigation, PSIRT tests, monitor, detect, disclose, and mitigate in lightning speed so you don’t have to.

Be the first to know with our cybersecurity mailing list

No system is fool-proof and cybersecurity is an ongoing battle. Cyber criminals are relentlessly looking for that one chink in the armor, that one vulnerability to strike at. At Milestone, we understand this and help you and our customers stay a step ahead of the bad guys.

That’s why we encourage all our partners to sign up to our cybersecurity mailing list. With updates and tips & tricks It’s the simple and reliable way to stay ahead of cyber threats and protect your customers’ businesses. You can sign up for it here.

Cyber threats aren’t going anywhere, but they can be avoided or mitigated with the right knowledge and preventative mindset. At Milestone our goal is to put our 20 years of combatting cyber-attacks at your service, so you and your customers can avoid inconvenience or outright disasters — and achieve cybersecurity peace-of-mind.

Have cybersecurity issues been keeping you and your customers up at night? Then explore Milestone’s cybersecurity offering.

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