Could you use a few good arguments to help your customer understand the value of XProtect?

Our 7 “Communicating Value” eLearning courses will help you communicate the value of Milestone XProtect®.

The 7 “Communicating Value” eLearning courses focus on customers’ primary business challenges and pain points, and they will provide you with insights and product knowledge to communicate how XProtect solves them.

The courses are designed for sales functions who are newer to Milestone and provide a foundation for the right questions to ask, and how to describe and demonstrate the value that a XProtect solution provides.

Find the complete curriculum here and read more about the course content. The 7 eLearning courses touch upon the following topics.

All courses are available with a My Milestone login. Contact Milestone support if you haven’t already got one.

Watch them before your next customer engagement 😉. Happy learning!