Enhance XProtect® with 2N access control   

May 25, 2022

As a global leader in IP intercom systems, 2N is working on the front line with customers all over the world, helping them find the right solution for their projects. This hands-on experience gives 2N amazing insight into the priorities that are driving customer decision-making when it comes to access control.

What do end-users really require? 2N has found its customers are looking for a secure, easy-to-use solution, that includes modern technologies and can be integrated with other systems. Here is how they recommend installers go about giving end-users and operators the kind of solution they really want. 

Access for employees and visitors

When planning an access control system, the 2N team recommends always starting at the front door and thinking about visitors or employees who may have forgotten their RFID card at home. For this purpose, you’ll need an intercom. 2N offers a wide portfolio of IP intercoms that complement the readers with audio/video communication, all in a single device. 

The newest member of the 2N portfolio is 2N® IP Style dominated by a 10-inch touchscreen display with IK08 certified durability and a customizable UI. It’s equipped with a 5MP camera and powered by the ARTPEC-7 processor from Axis. Thanks to the support of ONVIF Profile S and RTSP protocols, 2N IP intercoms can be seamlessly integrated into Milestone XProtect®. 


If you need to protect communal areas or co-working spaces against unauthorized access, then choose the 2N Access Unit. Inspired by the intercoms, our readers are IP edge devices that combine reader and controller functions while only requiring a network cable at the door for communication and power (PoE).  

Access by RFID card, mobile phone, or QR code

For more “traditional” customers you can choose between PIN and RFID card access, but what makes 2N exceptional is the fastest mobile access control on the market, WaveKey. For maximum convenience, the user doesn't even have to take their phone out of a pocket or handbag. Simply touch the 2N reader and enter. 

Two new options for authorized access include QR code access for one-off visits and time-limited access or LPR (license plate recognition) for car park or garage entrances. 


Verified integration of 2N access control with XProtect® 

The whole 2N access control system is configured via 2N® Access Commander software. This platform helps administrators set up access rights throughout a building, create new users, and log all access events. To further extend the potential of the solution, 2N has developed the 2N® Access Commander plugin for XProtect®, which enables the integration of access control related features into Milestone XProtect®.  


This verified integration empowers operators with the tools and information they need to respond to incidents confidently and quickly. At the precise moment a person uses their credential to enter the building, operators can visually identify and compare them against the personal details displayed in the system – and not just an RFID card. 2N® Access Commander also sends information about the used fingerprint, PIN, QR code, or mobile credential. All the access events and alarms are then connected with the video footage from the selected camera. If needed, the operator can initiate two-way audio communication with the person in front of the 2N intercom from the XProtect® Smart Client. 

Drag and drop 2N devices onto XProtect® Maps

The easy control of 2N IPintercomsandreadersdirectly from the graphical map in XProtect® is another tremendous benefit for operators. With a single click they can launch a video stream from the intercom, remotely open a door, trigger lockdown, and react to the current situation in an appropriate manner. Any change in door status or the various alarms are immediately visualized on maps for better situational awareness. 


With a serverless access control solution and easy scalability, 2N offers everything that large and medium-sized companies need, without unnecessary complexity should your clients grow. Thanks to the verified integration with Milestone XProtect®, we simplify the work of security operators and ensure greater security for all people in the building. 


Learn more about 2N IP Access Control Integration to XProtect® 

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